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Network Funds and Projects (3-2011)

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Network Funds and Projects

Membership in 3 Networks is included in a one year NAGC individual membership for $99.  Networks have access to their individual funds with money accumulated through December 2010 and they may request new funds from NAGC through a budget request.  Budget request forms should be submitted between December 1 and January 1 to be included in the NAGC budget that goes to the Board for approval. 

Use and Approval of Network Funds
The Network budget should be used in the creation of benefits for its members.  Conventions events and other projects that Networks have run in the past are already included in the NAGC budget.  New proposed Network projects requiring funding should be submitted to the NAGC national office for approval before committing funds to a vendor, speaker, etc.  NAGC reserves the right to not reimburse or pay for expenses that have not been pre-approved.

Some things NAGC looks at when considering proposed uses for Network funds:
• What percentage of the entire Network membership does this use benefit?  Less than half of the NAGC membership attends the annual Convention, so NAGC encourages ideas for use of Network funds that benefit Network members unable to travel to Convention each year.
• (For Convention events), Is the activity/event proposed in conflict (time, content, etc.) with any planned NAGC event, i.e. NAGC general session, dedicated exhibit hours, etc.
• (For Convention events) Does the proposed event take place within the contracted NAGC room block?
• NAGC typically does not pay honorariums to speakers at events, as many of our attendees are speakers.  Our members include some of the biggest names in the field of gifted—they share their time and expertise because they understand the importance of a professional development resources and tools for the field of gifted.    Exceptions to the honorarium rule can include keynote speakers NAGC secures outside of the gifted field, who will appeal to Convention attendees and have potential to draw attendees outside of the typical NAGC attendee.  If a Network would like to invite a speaker for an event, webinar, etc. and offer an honorarium, Network leaders should use the NCC referral form and/or contact the NAGC Network liaison.

Network Projects

Network projects should benefit the entire membership of the Network, not just those able to attend the convention.  Below is a list of both appropriate and inappropraite uses of Network funds.  This is list is neither exclusive nor difinitive, so we welcome your ideas.

Appropriate Use of Network Funds

  • Create a contest or awards program that fosters interest in or awareness of a topic related to the Network...  Possible expenses:  limited marketing costs, trophies or plaques, printing
  • Bring together a small group to create a new product for NAGC and the Network....(eg Mile Marker)  Possible expenses:  limited travel and meals, conference calls
  • Create a new publication focused on topics related to the Networks and a promotional flyer to get the word out...Possible expenses:  conference calls, copying/printing
  • Partner with other Networks to host a reception focused on a single topic or action...Possible expenses:  marketing costs, limited food and non-alcoholic beverage

Inappropriate Use of Network Funds

  • Spending Network funds to create printed newsletters
  • Spending Network funds to create a website, business cards,  or a "brand" separate and apart from NAGC
  • Spending Network funds on travel to an outside meeting or conference not related to NAGC
  • Spending Network funds on trinkets (eg luggage tags or T-Shirs) or promotional items unrelated to the Network purpose
  • Spending Network funds on alcohol