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Advanced Academy of Georgia 621  
Afrobooks 613  
Albert's Insomnia  618  Albert’s Insomnia is an innovative, educational card game that uses elementary math (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) to exercise and facilitate developing parts of the brain used for problem solving, creative and critical thinking skills. The game can be played by an entire class, small groups and even alone! Call us to ask about your organization selling Albert’s Insomnia as a FUNDRAISING tool also!
ALEKS Corporation 615 ALEKS is a Web-based program that provides precise mathematics assessment and personalized learning correlated to all 50 states’ standards for grades 3-12.  ALEKS can be implemented as a core curriculum or supplement for use in remediation, intervention, gifted, and after-school programs.
Ball State University 316  
Beacon College 603 The only accredited college offering BA and AA degrees exclusively for students with language-based learning disabilities, or ADD/HD, or Gifted LD.
Belin-Blank Center 513  
Bia-Maranatha 631  
Bilingual Books 319 Bilingual Books, Inc. publishes twelve 10 minutes a day® Series book/software titles, great for introducing kids to a foreign language, in a classroom or through independent study.  10 minutes a day® AUDIO CDs and Language Map® phrase guides also available. 
Bizworld Foundation 412 BizWorld's mission is to challenge and engage gifted children across the cultural and economic spectrum through experiential learning programs that teach the basics of business, entrepreneurship, and money management and promote teamwork and leadership in the classroom.
Borenson and Associates  119
BRAINSMART/Nova Southeastern University 607  
Brenau University's Early College at Brenau Academy table  
Bright Ideas/Educational Impressions/A.W. Peller 301 The Bright Ideas for the Gifted Catalog ( is a comprehensive source for gifted materials. We carry products from Educational Impressions, Prufrock Press, Pieces of Learning, Tin Man Press, Free Spirit and many other publishers of quality educational materials.
Center for Bright Kids Regional Talent Center 518  The Center for Bright Kids offers K-12 enrichment and acceleration programming for high interest and high ability kids. Our focus is not only on how kids think and learn, but how they discover ways to navigate the world while thinking and learning differently. CBK is centered on providing safe spaces for kids to laugh and play while being intellectually challenged and actively engaged in meaningful, authentic experiences. The Center for Bright Kids has offered the Western Academic Talent Search, Summer Programs, and other enrichment and acceleration youth programs for 28 years.
Center for Gifted Education - College of William and Mary 208  
Center for Gifted Education - University of Arkansas, Little Rock 216  
Center for Gifted Studies - Western Kentucky University 108  
Center for Talent Development - Northwestern University  516

Almost 30 years of great programs & services for gifted students PreK – grade 12
• Above-grade-level testing for better assessment
• Online learning with ‘live’ master instructors
• Rigorous & fun summer academic programs (residential & commuter)
• Award-winning service-learning experiences
• Consecutive Saturday & weekend Chicago-area educational offerings
Center for Talent Development (CTD) at Northwestern University takes people’s notions of what learning is and introduces them to what learning should be. At CTD it’s cool to me smart.

Center for Talented Youth - Johns Hopkins  517
Championship Chess 219  
CLC Network 218
Connections Academy 526  
Construction Challenge 529  
Creative Learning Press 106 Creative Learning Press publishes resources for teachers and administrators that help them challenge and engage students in the classroom.  We also carry a bounty of carefully selected how-to materials for gifted and talented students  and their parents.  Our bestselling authors include Joseph Renzulli, Sally Reis, Marcia Gentry, Susan Baum, and Nora Friedman.  Flagship titles include Systems and Models for Developing Programs for the Gifted and Talented, The Schoolwide Enrichment Model, Curriculum Compacting, Total Talent Portfolio, Enrichment Clusters, Interest-a-Lyzer Family of Instruments, and Scales for Rating the Behavioral Characteristics of Superior Students.
Davidson Institute for Talent Development  515  A national nonprofit dedicated to supporting profoundly gifted youth, their families and educators.  Programs include free consulting services and online resources, scholarships, summer camp, and The Davidson Academy, a public day school for profoundly gifted learners.
de Bono for Schools 527 Equipping students to become excellent lifelong thinkers, we are the official provider of Edward de Bono's time-tested thinking tools: Six Thinking Hats and CoRT 1 Breadth Thinking Lessons. Gifted students love learning these thinking tools. Check our website and come prepared to meet with Lynda and Rachel who will answer all your questions!
DGP Publishing 120
Dinah-Might Adventures, LP 418 Dinah-Might Adventures is an educational publishing and consulting company owned by Dinah Zike, Author/Speaker.  Her books are known for their innovative ways to use “Foldables®” in teaching all subjects and grade levels.
Dinah Zike Academy 420 The Dinah Zike Academy is a teacher training institute located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.  DZA instructors will engage and immerse you in the power and potential of Foldables®, dynamic and efficient classroom organization, and effective teaching strategies across all grade levels and content areas. 606  Donate-A-Wrinkle provides a safe online platform for students and teachers to interact with experts and professionals in various fields and disciplines.  The “Student Wiki” section of the website provides an opportunity for students to “donate wrinkles” to others by sharing their knowledge and expertise. 
Duke TIP  519 Duke TIP’s educational programs are residential summer programs designed to meet the intellectual and social needs of gifted students in grades 7-12. Programs are held on college campuses across the country and in field locations around the world. Duke TIP also offers an online e-Studies Program for 8-12 grade students. Financial aid is available for most programs.
EAI Education 602  
East Baton Rouge Parish School System 630  
Education Unlimited 620  
El Paso ISD 419  
Engine-Uity, Ltd. 100 Engine-Uity specializes in differentiated resources, keyed to Bloom's Taxonomy of higher level thinking skills, that lead to independent studies. Engine-Uity has been providing quality supplemental teaching materials for grades K-12 since 1980.
Equal Exchange 628 Equal Exchange Fundraising offers organic and fairly traded foods, beautiful gifts and recycled cotton gift wrap (tree-free!).  With Equal Exchange Fundraising your organization can support sustainability, enjoy award-winning products and make a difference in the lives of small farmers and artisans across the globe.
Florida Institute of Technology 321  
Fox Imaging 500  
Free Spirit Publishing 207 Since 1983 Free Spirit’s leading-edge resources have supported the social, emotional, and educational needs of gifted children and teens, educators, counselors and parents.
Frog Publications 608  
Future Problem Solving International 112  Future Problem Solving Program International, a nonprofit educational organization created by Dr. E. Paul Torrance in 1974, offers three competitive components for grades 4-12: Global Issues Problem Solving, Community Problem Solving, and Scenario Writing. The program can also be integrated non-competitively into the curriculum. Participation in the program strongly supports the development of the 21st Century Skills.
Gifted Education Resource Institute - Purdue University  118 The Gifted Education Resource Institute (GERI) at Purdue University is committed to the holistic development of talented P-16 students. The Institute provides resources and programs to students and teachers, and through our research, acts as an advocate to the gifted community.
Georgia Humanities Council table  
Good News Travels, Inc. 121
Great Books Foundation 407 The Great Books Foundation helps K-16 students read deeply for meaning, think critically, and focuses on written response and discussion. Award winning professional development combined with high-quality, unedited literature allow all children to reach their maximum potential.
Great Potential Press  107 Great Potential Press publishes award-winning books and materials for parents and teachers to provide the necessary knowledge to support, encourage, and foster growth in gifted children.
Green River Preserve  614  
Happy Feet 531  
Hickory Grove Press 309  
Hope Children Center International 613  
Huntsville/Madison County CVB - Educational  Escapes 619  
InspirEd Educators  616  InspirEd Educators publishes truly unique, creative, and practical instructional resources for all areas of the social studies as well as some language arts and crosss-disciplinary thematic units. Our mission is to provide student-centered, thought provoking materials that are easy to use, engaging, and make learning enjoyable! All InspirEd products are standards-based and emphasize critical and creative thinking, as well as a host of other skills.
Interact 507 Interact active learning projects are written by teachers for teachers. Each lesson is carefully organized, easy to use and to modify for differentiation in both gifted and heterogeneous classrooms. They are constructivist, collaborative, and supported by recent research.  Interact is a division of Social Studies School Service.
Invent Now Kids, Inc.  402 Invent Now Kids provides quality, timely educational enrichment programs each year that nurture children’s innate curiosity through inquiry-based, hands-on FUN!
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Young Scholars Program  521  
Kendall-Hunt Publishing 109 Kendall/Hunt Publishing’s Talented and Gifted programs include the following:
The Center for Gifted Education at the College of William and Mary has developed exemplary curriculum frameworks and units of study in science, social studies and language arts for classroom use with high-ability learners since 1987.
Lasting Impressions 624  
LEGO Education 221 LEGO Education provides hands-on science, math and technology curriculum. Our robotics, simple machines, energy, forces, and motion products and activities engage and motivate students while meeting and exceeding state and national content standards.
Les Penseurs, LLC 506 The Les Penseurs materials are designed to meet the educational needs of the gifted and advanced student. They are intended to provide these students with appropriate and challenging educational experiences beyond the basics of the core curriculum.
LifeBound 626  
Lintor Make-A-Book  117 Lintor Make-A-Book provides inexpensive materials for creating hard cover books right in your classrooms…IN JUST MINUTES!  Your students will have FUN while proudly giving their writing projects (hand written/illustrated or computer generated) a professional look with Lintor Make-A-Book.
MatchWare 520  Improve reading and writing skills by using MatchWare MindView which creates Mind Maps that increase retention, comprehension and the organization of main ideas. Tap into developing their Advanced Communication and Research Skills, Creative Thinking & Problem Solving Skills and Higher Order Critical Thinking Skills. Include images, text, videos and hyperlinks.  Export to Word, PowerPoint, HTML and Mediator.
MATHCOUNTS 421  The MATHCOUNTS Foundation is a non-profit organization that has been working with middle school students to promote excellence in mathematics for over a quarter century. MATHCOUNTS programs involve students and teachers in year-long coaching sessions and help middle school students at all learning levels improve their problem-solving skills. MATHCOUNTS materials are currently distributed to every middle school in the U.S., impacting the lives of over 250,000 U.S. middle school students annually.
Mirman School for Gifted Children 312
Nathan Levy/Elite Educational Resources 315  
National Beta Club 417

The National Beta Club is committed to recognizing high academic achievement, encouraging service to others, and developing character and leadership skills. Since 1934, The National Beta Club has worked with over six million students in grades 5-12.

NEAG Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development - University of Connecticut 409

 The Neag Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development is one of the leading international centers in the area of gifted education and talent development.  The Center is comprised of graduate programs, The National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented, and Confratute, a summer institute on gifted and talented, and Mentor Connection, a summer program for academically talented high school students. 

Pearson 307 Pearson offers a wide range of innovative clinical and learning assessments, which provide accurate, comprehensive and reliable results to help identify gifted students’ strengths and match them to appropriate gifted education program options.
Pieces of Learning 213  From our first book The Faces of Gifted to our most recent book Differentiation, RTI, and Achievement: How They Work Together, Pieces of Learning has provided educators and learners with high-quality products and practical staff development for 20 years.
Pitsco Education 220  
PA Publishing 401  
Program for the Exceptionally Gifted - Mary Baldwin College  414 The only residential program of its kind in the country, the Program for the Exceptionally Gifted (PEG) at Mary Baldwin College offers academically talented young women the opportunity to accelerate their education, bypassing high school to advance directly to college.
Prufrock Press, Inc.  101  
Reasoning Mind 502  
Renzulli Learning 600  
Ricks Center for Gifted Children  308  
Royal Fireworks 201 Publisher of curricular and supplementary materials for the education of gifted children; books for parents and teachers of the gifted; novels for gifted children; the Michael Clay Thompson language arts curriculum for gifted kids; and the Royal Fireworks monographs on education.
Scholastic Testing Service 114  
School Technology Resources 612  STR specializes in hand-held digital and video cameras for the classroom – the Scope On A Rope and ProScope.  These multi-function classroom cameras and combination new generation microscopes are fun, easy to use, versatile classroom tools.  Use them as hand-held microscopes, document cameras, and digital classroom cameras.  Our exclusive education kits include a variety of lenses, accesories, and curricular materials to provide engaging classroom experiences
School Tours of America 313 School Tours of America takes "Learning On The Road" by providing well-planned, well-guided and affordable educational tours to Washington DC, Williamsburg, and New York City.  Our goal is to create an educational experience for each student that is truly unforgettable.  We believe in engaging students and helping them develop life-long skills and a passion for learning that extends beyond the classroom.
Seacamp  425  Seacamp Association, Inc. is a private, non-profit organization which operates two programs in the Florida Keys.  Newfound Harbor Marine Institute is our school based program offering marine and environmental education programs to visiting school groups.  Seacamp is our summer residential program for youth 12 to 17 years old with programs in marine science, SCUBA, sailing, and windsurfing
SENG 501 Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted ( is a national nonprofit committed to meeting the social/emotional needs of gifted individuals.  Free resources include a media library and monthly newsletter.  SENG trains facilitators to lead SENG Model Parent Groups throughout the world.  SENG’s annual conference – to be held in Seattle July 15-17, 2011 – welcomes parents, educators, children and teens.
Set Enterprises 416  
SimplyFun 524

We make learning fun and easy for kids and help families stay connected through the power of play!  SimplyFun works hard to make it easy to learn something new or connect with a loved one.   It’s our mission – our passion!

Society for Science and the Public 314  
Space Camp & Aviation Challege 617

Space Camp® and Aviation Challenge® are camp programs of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center® located in Huntsville, AL.  By focusing on space, aviation and teamwork, you will learn how to become the next generation of astronauts, fighter pilots, and leaders. Get ready for a week of non-stop fun and adventure.  Visit for details.

Summer Institute for the Gifted  303  The Summer Institute for the Gifted offers prestigious & unique 3 week residential & day, co-educational, summer programs for gifted & talented students in grades K-11 at top institutions across the US. Campuses include Princeton University, UCLA, Amherst College, Vassar College, University of Texas at Austin, Emory University and more!
Talents Unlimited 408 Talents Unlimited is a thinking skills model. Our professional development guides teachers, K-12, through developing strategies that will promote higher order thinking and problem solving in the classroom. Talents Unlimited, a research based model, can be integrated into any curriculum. TU focuses on five behaviors, Productive Thinking, Communication, Forecasting, Decision Making and Planning. By teaching these behaviors, teachers can help students make connections between their school work and the real world, thus promoting active engagement for all students.
Texas Instruments 601  
Tin Man Press 503  
University of Missouri, Center for Distance and Independent Study 317  
Usborne Books & More 116  
U.S. Department of Ed 627

 Materials available from the U.S. Department of Education promoting student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness, fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access.

Wesleyan College - First for Women table
Whittaker's 625
Wholemovement 318  Wholemovement is a unique approach to learning mathematics through folding circles. There are over one hundred mathematical functions in folding the circle one time in half. From there the process opens to an endless exploration of principled patterned in-formation.
Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth - University of Wisconsin - Madison  525  
World Council for Gifted and Talented Children 427
You Can Do the Rubik's Cube  320  You Can Do the Rubik’s Cube Math Education Kit is perfect for challenging your Gifted Child. Teach Geometry, Algebra and General Math while promoting 21st century skills like problem solving and critical thinking.  Kit includes all the materials needed, including a Math lesson CD with 9 lessons aligned to National and State Standards.  www.YouCanDoTheRubik'