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State Educational Agency

Florida Department of Education
Carol Bailey
325 W. Gaines St., Suite 432 Tallahassee, FL 32399
(850) 245-5094

State Association or Affiliate

Florida Association for the Gifted
Shari Valencic, President
326 Pedro Street Venice, FL 34285

Florida Gifted Network
Jennifer Martin, President


ALL DATA FROM 2010-2011 (unless otherwise noted)

Total Student Population (K-12)



Number of Identified Gifted Students  140,698
State Funding for Gifted and Talented Education 

$267 million (2010-2011)
No Information Available (2009-2010, 2008-2009, 2007-208, 2006-2007)


Does the State Mandate Identification for Gifted and Talented Education?


Does the state have a definition of gifted/talented?; Are districts required to follow the state definition?

In state statute; Yes

What areas of giftedness are specifically addressed in the state definition of gifted/talented?

Intellectually gifted; Academically gifted

Does the State Mandate Services for Gifted and Talented Education?

Yes; Intellectual; General academic

Does the state provide guidance or guidelines for the process of identifying gifted/talented students?


Are districts throughout the state required to follow the same identification guidelines or uniform identification process?

Combination of state and LEA policies

Does the state have a policy requiring districts to recognize gifted eligibilities from other districts in the same state?

State policy specifically permits

Does State Policy Permit Early Entrance to Kindergarten?

State policy does not permit

Does State Policy Permit Students to be Dually or Concurrently Enrolled in a Community College, College or University? 

State policy specifically permits

Does State Policy Permit Middle School Students to be Dually or Concurrently Enrolled in High School? and if so, May they Receive Credit Towards High School Graduation?

State policy specifically permits

Does the State Have an Acceleration Policy? State policy specifically permits

Does the state require general education teachers to have training on the nature/needs of gifted students?


Does the State require professionals working in specialized gifted ed programs to have a gifted ed endorsement or certification? Yes
Does the state monitor/audit LEA programs for gifted/talented students? Yes