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September 2009

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Neag School of Education distinguished professor Joseph S. Renzulli honored with prestigious McGraw Prize in Education
Joseph S. Renzulli, a distinguished professor of educational psychology in the University of Connecticut’s Neag School of Education, is one of three outstanding 2009 educators to receive the prestigious Harold W. McGraw Jr. Prize in Education.
Stamford Plus
September 29, 2009 

In a sense every child is home-schooled
The recent Daily News article about home schooling sets up a dichotomy between "home-school advocates" and "others," or, as she later characterizes it, between "traditional bricks-and-mortar educators" and "fiercely independent home-schooling parents."
Anchorage Daily News
September 29, 2009 

The Great Debate: Prepping 4-5 Year Olds for G&T Testing
Should we or shouldn’t we prep our 4-5 year olds for G&T testing?
Gotham Schools
September 29, 2009 

Program encourages students to display artistic sides during extra learning days
A new series of free workshops will be offered to artistically gifted students in Beaufort County next month, giving them an opportunity to take classes directly from arts professionals.
Island Packet
September 29, 2009 

BESE member: G/T safe, board support is strong
After receiving a barrage of calls and e-mails from worried and outraged parents and students in the Gifted and Talented Program, members assure it is safe.
The Independent Weekly
September 28, 2009

Breaking up is hard to do in some classes
Academically gifted fifth- and sixth-graders at Creekside Elementary School in Elgin were recently in tears when they found out that they might be separated from longtime classmates.
Courier News
September 28, 2009

Partnerships enhance learning
Students at three Dougherty County public schools gained valuable knowledge recently by working together either with different schools or with older and younger children at the same school.
Albany Herald
September 28, 2009

Gifted, talented education programs coming under fire
The father of four gifted children, Brad Rine of Metairie has no doubt that the specialized education they have received in Jefferson Parish public schools is,  in fact,  "special education."
September 27, 2009

Finding gifted students not always simple
If a child’s parents are in jail, does that mean they can’t be a gifted student?
Bowling Green Daily News
September 27, 2009

The game has changed
Economists talk about the "hidden hand" of an efficient, free market.
San Diego Source
September 26, 2009

Gifted kids often ignored, group says
A local education advocacy group says Guilford County Schools is not doing enough to reach academically gifted students.
News & Record
September 26, 2009

From Foulks to Oxford
Jacob Howard’s passion for physics started at a young age.
Elk Grove Citizen
September 25, 2009

Starting a conversation about the city’s gifted programs
If OLSAT, BSRA, ERB, G&T and Stanford-Binet don’t ring a school bell for you then you’ve mostly likely not experienced the entrance exams for NYC private schools or the tests for the NYC public school gifted and talented programs.
Gotham Schools
September 24, 2009 

Online High Schools Test Students' Social Skills
Tatyana Ray has more than 1,200 Facebook friends, sends 600 texts a month and participated in four student clubs during the year and a half she attended high school online, through a program affiliated with Stanford University.
Wall Street Journal
September 24, 2009

More of world's talented workers opt to leave USA
More skilled immigrants are giving up their American dreams to pursue careers back home, raising concerns that the U.S. may lose its competitive edge in science, technology and other fields.
USA Today
September 24, 2009

Pens are mighty indeed at Erskine Park High School
Some switched-on year 7 students at Erskine Park High School have been learning to look beyond advertising through their involvement in a program for the gifted and talented.
Penrith City Star
September 23, 2009 

Attracted to Burnsville-Eagan-Savage's magnet schools
Students are settling in at the Burnsville-Eagan-Savage district's four new magnet programs, including the arts-focused Envision Academy.
Star TribuneSeptember 22, 2009

Bringing Teaching for the Gifted to All Kids
Sandra Ruvalcaba isn't sure if she would have tapped Dominic Satterfield as a gifted child before.
Voice of San Diego
September 22, 2009

Local school taps into online class co-op
This year, North Warren Central School has added nearly 30 teachers, but no one will ever see them.
Post Star
September 21, 2009 

Newly elected Jumaane Williams didn't let Tourette's stand in his way
Flatbush community organizer Jumaane Williams - who toppled incumbent City Councilman Kendall Stewart in last week's primary - is used to standing up for himself.
NY Daily News
September 20, 2009 

As education budgets shrink, many say state could do better for gifted children
At age 3, Aurora Ghere began to read. Now 6, she delves into books that are usually fifth-grade fare, recently finishing “The Call of the Wild’’ and “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.’’
Boston Globe
September 20, 2009 

A rigged gifted program
If you have a child in the Palm Beach School District's gifted program, or plan to enroll your child in the gifted program, or - this particularly applies to minorities - wonder why your child isn't in the program, you should be interested in what Willard White has to say.
Palm Beach Post
September 19, 2009 

Parents help retain program
When Andrew White sat down with a group of third-graders this week and used colored blocks to help them understand spatial relationships, it was something that almost didn’t take place in the Charleston school district this year.
September 19, 2009

New program for gifted kids
A new organization is forming to help gifted children in the Rocky View area.
Airdrie Echo
September 18, 2009 

Abingdon school wins rare award for work with gifted pupils
Rush Common Primary School is only the third school in the county to be presented with the National Association for Able Children in Education’s Challenge Award.
Herald UK
September 17, 2009 

Vanderbilt weekend program for gifted youth now taking applications Oct. 10-11 program designed for 7th-10th graders
Academically talented 7th through 10th graders will have a chance to expand their horizons, intellectually and socially, in an overnight Vanderbilt program this fall specifically designed for gifted students.
Vanderbilt News
September 17, 2009

Magnet program debate continues
Teachers need more time for field trips.
Maryland Gazette
September 16, 2009

Gifted education an integral part of S'pore's education system
MOE-organized Gifted Education Programme (GEP) has ceased with the introduction of the of Integrated Programmes (IP) schools in 2004, and the establishment of the NUS High School of Math and Science in 2005.
Asia One
September 15, 2009 

Hollidaysburg tries to better gifted program
The Hollidaysburg Area School District is rounding out its gifted program with a holistic approach to educating its brightest students.
Altoona Mirror
September 15, 2009 

School districts must find and challenge gifted students on the Treasure Coast
While all schoolchildren are special, some are truly gifted.
TC Palm
September 15, 2009

Oak Grove Central Elementary
Oak Grove Central Elementary, built in 1958, may be one of the oldest facilities in the DeSoto County School system, but that hasn't stopped the school from being as technologically advanced as its counterparts.
Commercial Appeal
September 14, 2009

Integrating core skills, arts improves learning
Kristina Johnsen motions with her hand as more than 100 students in Grades 3 through 6 raise and lower the pitches of their voices.
Arizona Republic
September 13, 2009

The special needs of gifted/talented children
For purpose of this article gifted or talented child refers to a child whose capacity  in one or more  abilities places that child at the least in the top 5% of  their peer group.
Examiner – FL
September 13, 2009

Both sides benefit as fee-paying schools open the doors of their science classes to state pupils
Can you spot the difference between the state school pupils and their fee-paying counterparts who are all busy creating oil of wintergreen in an independent school chemistry lab in Cambridgeshire?
The Independent
September 12, 2009

STEM initiative stimulates math, science learning
Push to begin offering advanced classes in those two subjects
Howard County Times
September 12, 2009

How to Survive Our Worst Schools
I was intrigued by a story on the front page of the Post Aug. 9 Written by my colleague Robin Givhan, it focused on a White House internship program for D.C. students that included a recent high school graduate named Clayton Armstrong.
Washington Post
September 11, 2009

Japanese crew taping gifted student documentary at DaVinci Academy
Though students were encouraged to act normal and attend to business as usual, Wednesday wasn't your average school day at DaVinci Academy in Elgin.
Daily Herald
September 10, 2009

New schools opening in Queens emphasize the "whole child"
It is "Back to School" time in New York City and in Queens three new public schools, an innovative charter school and a citywide Gifted and Talented program at P.S.85 in Astoria have opened.
Examiner – NY
September 10, 2009

Cross receives Mensa lifetime achievement award
Tracy L. Cross started the fall 2009 semester with a new job and the surprise of a lifetime.
William & Mary News
September 10, 2009

New York City's newest citywide school for the gifted: Brooklyn School of Inquiry
The New York Times yesterday featured an interview with Donna Taylor, acting principal of NYC's newest (and first outside of Manhattan) school for gifted children, The Brooklyn School of Inquiry.
September 10, 2009 

Going the Distance to Get a Child to a Magnet School
Starting this week, Susan Coronel, a day care owner, plans to leave her home in Ridgewood, Queens, most days at 6:45 a.m. with her 5-year-old son, Benjamin, and drive 10 minutes to Bushwick, Brooklyn.
NY Times
September 9, 2009

In focus on proficiency, bright kids lose
As California educators pore over the latest state testing scores, their overwhelming focus, appropriately, will be on students scoring below "proficient."
The Sacramento Bee
September 9, 2009 

Vanderbilt's Saturday Academy challenges gifted children
Six-year-old William can tell you which material — a cotton ball, cheesecloth or gravel — is best for filtering muddy water.
The Tennessean
September 8, 2009 

Gifted programs are not elitist
I am a CSU student enrolled in the Teacher Education Program.
September 8, 2009 

Stopping the brain drain
There is a need to stop the outflow of gifted children from the country, said Permata Negara policy working committee chairman Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.
The Star 
September 7, 2009

Gifted educators inspire a new generation
When you remember the kid who played with yours, and then you meet him again as a grown, successful man, you wonder where time went.
The Bristol Press
September 7, 2009

Nominate a student for gifted and talented (GATE)
Heber Springs School District provides GATE, is a program for gifted and talented education, for students kindergarten through grade 12
The Sun Times
September 5, 2009

Nationally known psychologist shares strategies for parenting gifted students
Edward Amend, Psy.D., a psychologist who specializes in the social, emotional and educational needs of gifted and talented youth and their families, will present “Outsmart Your Smart Child: Practical Strategies for Parenting Gifted Kids”
The Enquirer
September 4, 2009

Interview with Chair of upcoming NY Advocacy for Gifted and Talented Education Conference
The Advocacy for Gifted and Talented Education (AGATE) in New York State, a nonprofit organization of concerned parents and teachers designed to promote the education and welfare of gifted and talented youth, will hold its annual conference at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University on Oct. 23 and 24, 2009.
The Examiner-NY
September 4, 2009

Minnesota's schools should help often-overlooked gifted students shine
In recent years, the education debate has become increasingly politicized. Whether we're talking about No Child Left Behind, vouchers, charter schools or Q-Comp, the future of Minnesota's educational system relies now more than ever on decisions made largely along party lines.
September 4, 2009

Some competitions for gifted Children
One of the precepts of Gifted Education is that learning for these students should be connected to real life, not just school. One way to achieve this end, especially when school programs are not enough, for kids to enter academic competitions.
Examiner – MA
September 4, 2009

TPS pursuing process toward International Baccalaureate
If all goes well, Tecumseh Public Schools may soon be able to offer its students something that is just making its way into southeast Michigan — an International Baccalaureate (IB) program.
Tecumseh Herald
September 4, 2009 

More Families Choose Local ‘Gifted’ Classes
Parents worry about impact to traditional ‘GT’ centers.
Herndon Connection
September 3, 2009 

Airline Park Elementary School approved for magnet status
Airline Park Elementary School in Metairie should be converted into a magnet school for gifted and advance level elementary students, a Jefferson Parish School Board committee recommended Wednesday.
September 3, 2009 

For Accelerated Learners, Private Schools Try To Be Flexible
Lower student-to-teacher ratios make individualized teaching easier, they say.
The Connection
September 2, 2009 

“Instead of ‘GT’ for gifted & talented, how about an ‘M’ for mediocrity?”
Finally, a happy ending to the absurd spectacle of watching Montgomery County Public School officials refuse to allow academically precocious Caitlyn Singam to enter sixth grade.
Washington Examiner
September 2, 2009

The Studio School
When a New York City parent first receives statistical proof that their child has been judged gifted according to national and local standards, the initial moment of triumphant elation ("See, I told you he/she was a smart one!") is frequently followed by heart-sinking confusion ("What am I supposed to do about it now?")
NY Examiner
September 2, 2009

Making the Grade
Why parents should resist the allure of special classes for their gifted kids.
The Tablet
September 2, 2009

Stats show freshman class may not be ‘most academically gifted class ever.’
In an earlier version of this story, the Wildcat incorrectly stated that contrary to a report from UANews, the UA had a higher number of minority students in 2006 than in 2009.
Arizona Daily Wildcat
September 1, 2009