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October's 09 Corner

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October's Corner

Help! I Can't Escape the Myths!

For some reason, I cannot escape the myths associated with gifted education, and unless you have been away on a deserted island during the past few months, chances are you have heard mention of them too. The new Gifted Child Quarterly is a special issue focused on debunking 19 myths, Teaching For High Potential presents many of the myths in a classroom context, and NAGC has remodeled and added to a series of web pages dedicated to presenting and understanding the myths. It seems that no matter where I go, who I speak with, or what I read, I can make a connection to one of the myths.

I wrote in my most recent From the Editor piece that, “We, the educators, are key to debunking the myths. The time has come to reverse the unrealistic conceptions of not only what the field has to offer, but also what it truly means to be a gifted and talented student in today’s society.”

When I speak with others about the myths, I am quite positive about their existence, for it forces the issue out in the open, offering a chance for rebuttal. Across the nation and the globe, gifted and talented students are finding themselves misunderstood and neglected. Educators, lacking specific knowledge about identification and strategy, unintentionally deny individualized instruction and challenge. Administrators and educational leaders, unaware of the needs of gifted and talented students, brush off requests for teacher training and supportive resources.

I urge you to visit the Myths about Gifted Education section of the NAGC website to help you be prepared to address the myths that parents, other teachers, and administrators may still have.