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Among the many partners with whom our national association interacts, some rise to the level of strategic alliances.  In this section we spotlight our most content-rich alliances that build capacity for a brighter future and serve our core purpose:  gifted children.

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In the strategic planning process, the NAGC board identified superintendents as the primary focus of alliance building.   Following successful summits in Massachusetts and Wisconsin that were created at the grass roots, NAGC partnered with the College Board to intentionally design a high level forum in conjunction with the 2005 annual meeting this November.  


With the 2004 NAGC Administrator of the Year, Eric Smith agreeing to spearhead the project, NAGC then secured financial support from the College Board.  Kentucky Commissioner of Education Gene Wilhoit has been an exemplary partner and personally invited the superintendents from all 176 districts in the state.  NAGC also worked with the affiliates in the surrounding states to reserve five slots for each of them. 


All indications are that this will result in a tremendous capacity-building forum with wide coverage in other K-12 publications.

For more information on the forum, contact Brent Mundt, Deputy Executive Director.