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September 2009 Corner

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Let the Year Begin!


For many educators, the summer presents a variety of opportunities for what I call the three R’s; rest, relaxation, and review. While some of us spend time on the beach, others retreat to the woods, and still there are those that bury their heads in books or sit themselves down during various presentations at summer conferences. If you are like me, a healthy mix of all three seems to do the trick.


Whatever the situation, as the end of August draws near, the start of another school year begins. It’s time to clean or spruce up the classroom and organize materials you will be starting the year off with, while attempting to incorporate some new strategies into the work you will present.

The 2009 – 2010 school year will certainly present some new challenges. Some of us will return to better or similar situations, while others have recently found out that budgets have been cut, classes combined, or programs eliminated. It is a tough time for many involved in the field of gifted and talented education, and despite the economic climate, there is hope for the field.

Many scholars feel that the time is right for those familiar with the identification, curriculum, and evaluation of gifted and talented students to share what they know about this population with those unaware, with the hope of not only increasing public awareness, but also growing the talent pool altogether.

NAGC has a range of information not only for educators, but for all involved in education. These resources seek to refresh the knowledge you may already have while at the same time keeping you informed of the latest the field has to offer.


Please visit the “Back to School Toolkit” which organizes some of the “Best of the Best” resources that the NAGC website has to offer. There is truly something for everyone, so be sure to share it with everyone you know!