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August 2009 Corner

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To Blog or not to Blog

I have to admit that I have only recently become involved in the world of Blogging. In this short time of surfing the web though, I am amazed at the abundance of insight which exists out there … in the blogosphere. The web is buzzing with issues relating to gifted education, and it is through blogs that conversations are happening. Many blogs support NAGC’s legislative advocacy efforts, present information related to NAGC resources and standards, and focus on a variety of topics connected to the field.

While there are a number of Gifted Education Blogs out there, I’d like to mention a few that continue to astound me with their content and discussion. Readers of the following
 Recommended Blogs
 will find themselves knee deep in the trenches as they read about gifted education through a variety of lenses. While the authoritative content of these blogs are guiding enough, the user or “member” comments and questions are what present the practical, real world issues that so many of us in the field need to hear about. In following a blog, we realize that we are not alone in our hope to ensure an enriching education for the students we teach. Just as the handyman seeks a home improvement blog for answers about a leaky pipe, or the gardener advice on planning lettuce, the educator, faced with students of high ability on a daily basis, should seek out the following blogs for information, insight, and advice.


Prufrock Press’ Gifted Education Blog or Gifted Child Information Blog

A outstanding Blog brought to you by Prufrock Press. Search the extensive archive stretching back 4 years.

Unwrapping the Gifted
Tamara Fisher’s insightful Teacher Magazine Blog.

The Gifted Exchange
 A blog about gifted children, schooling, parenting, education news and changing American education for the better.

One View of Giftedland
A personal view of the world of gifted education by Catharine de Wet.
2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter Blog
From the publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter, this blog shares news, events, and resources with the reader.