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2009 September Web Links

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September 2009 Web Links

Picture Books, Carolyn Cooper article: 

Mary Baldwin College gifted ed program (advertisement): 

K12 Curriculum Provider (advertisement):

National Beta Club (advertisement):

Common Gifted Education Myths:

Keeping Your Child Challenged:

Conclusion of “Things to Think About & Places to Go” article:

Summer Institute for the Gifted (advertisement): 

Google Custom Search:

Surfing the net with kids:’s Top 100 Educational Web Sites:

Renzulli Learning:

American MENSA for Kids (advertisement): 

Manufacturer Info from 2009 NAGC Toy List (Tools of the Trade: Finding Value in Play):

Patch Products: (maker of “Perfect Sense” board game)

FoxMind: (maker of “Six” strategy game)

Birdcage Press: (maker of “Gallery Ghost” puzzle book)

Exploramania: (maker of “Gymathtics” DVD)

Creative Whack Company: (maker of X-Ball creativity tool)

Fat Brain Toys: (maker of “Brain Food” toy)

Out of the Box Publishing: (maker of “The Chain Game” board game)

Zometool: (maker of “Creator 2” creativity tool/toy)

Viva Media: (maker of “Crazy Machines 2” computer game)

Learning Resources: (maker of “Gears! Gears! Gears! School Set” building tool)

MindTwisterUSA: (maker of “Quadrago” strategy game)

Ooz & Oz: (maker of “Morph-O-Scopes” coloring activity)

Avalon Hill: (maker of classic board games “Diplomacy” and “Axis & Allies”)

NAGC Online Resource Directory: 

June Issue of PHP: 

NAGC WOW!: Webinars on Wednesdays Info: 

Example sites used in the article “Harnessing the Power of the Computer: Challenging Your Gifted Child” (Natcharian):  
NASA site for space exploration:

Smithsonian National Zoo Web Site for habitat design:

Australian National Science and Technology Centre site for rollercoaster design:

Great Depression resource sites:
Actual photos from the era:

Copies of letters from destitute children to Eleanor Roosevelt:

An audio file of President Roosevelt’s Fireside Chat about the banking crisis:

“Seven Months of Boyhood Adventures,” a first-person story of a young man traveling the country with his best friend during the Depression: