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July 2009

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Gifted students to be put in 'clusters'
Parents of gifted Cumberland Valley elementary students will learn next week about a new program that will affect their children this fall.
West Shore News
July 31, 2009 

Miss. colleges in line for nearly $16M
Colleges and universities in Mississippi could get nearly $16 million in federal appropriations for the coming year if Congress signs off on a committee-approved appropriations bill this year.
Clarion Ledger
July 31, 2009 

Dear Teacher: Guide your gifted preschooler
Our 2-year-old daughter seems very advanced for her age.
July 31, 2009 

Student needs are the first priority in school funding
While I applaud Jessica Morales for the empathy she expressed in her letter to the editor for Quincy students who are required to pay for summer school classes, and who stated that public education should be free, I urge her to investigate school budgets and other students’ needs before criticizing these charges.
Patriot Ledger
July 30, 2009 

Governor's School at GMU Receives State Approval
Mentorship opportunities and advanced science and technology courses are on the horizon for Prince William area students as educators finalize plans for a regional governor's school.
Washington Post
July 30, 2009

More Families Choose Local ‘Gifted’ Classes
Parents worry about impact to traditional GT centers.
Center View 
July 30, 2009 

Rorschach Test: To Publish or Not to Publish the Answers
I have seen the Rorschach test administered in about every movie I've seen that involves criminals or crazy people.
Associated Content
July 30, 2009

Under pressure
Hey, parents, check your ego at the door -- and your fantasies too.
Edmonton Sun
July 29, 2009 

School funding goes to bottom, not top?
Programs focus more on graduation instead of college
Times Herald
July 28, 2009 

Do You Know a High-Achieving Student Kept From College Because of Money?
I try to stay away from the New York Review of Books.
Washington Post
July 28, 2009

More HISD students qualify as ‘gifted'
A record number of Houston ISD students are now classified as “gifted and talented” — an increase spurred by changes in how the school district tests and enrolls children in so-called Vanguard programs.
Houston Chronicle
July 25, 2009 

India's school for the poor but gifted
On a recent evening, a gaggle of students huddled together on wobbly wooden benches in a spartan classroom under a tin-shed, celebrating their new-found achievement with milk cakes.
The National
July 25, 2009 

Governor's School bailout
An Arkansas Governor's School advocate (as I am) calls attention to an idea floated to Gov. Mike Beebe at a Q&A at the school this week.
Arkansas Times
July 24, 2009 

Virtual learning viewed as increasingly viable option for Indiana students, survey finds
A new survey of Indiana superintendents, principals and school counselors finds that a majority see virtual learning as a way to enhance academic offerings in public education.
IU News
July 24, 2009 

Gifted West Virginia Students May Go Unidentified, Underserved
The number of West Virginia students identified as gifted has dropped dramatically in recent years.
The State Journal
July 24, 2009

After-school, gifted program cuts to hit locally
A decision by the state board of education this week to cut funding for after-school, gifted and other programs probably will mean millions of dollars less in state aid for local school districts.
The Courier News
July 24, 2009

Gifted students complete two week academic program
We have reported regularly on the work of Doctor Arlie Petters, Belize’s world famous scientist.
News 5
July 23, 2009 

Chicago schools: District officials probe admissions at top public schools
Magnet, gifted schools and selective-enrollment high schools included.
Chicago Tribune
July 23, 2009

Give to the gifted
Col. Buzz Aldrin's article, "The moon for all mankind" (Opinion, Monday), correctly identified the resolve that Americans must have in order to return to a comprehensive space program. Mr. Aldrin and Neil Armstrong standing on the moon represented success sought and achieved through inspiration, energy, resources and investment in our most talented minds.
Washington Times
July 23, 2009 

Department for Children, Schools and Families reveal more Halton pupils on Government Gifted and Talented list than last year
Concerted efforts to unearth the best and brightest pupils in the borough are starting to bear fruit, education chiefs claim.
Runcorn News
July 23, 2009 

Children's groups condemn Ill. school cuts
Cuts to the Illinois education budget are prompting angry responses from a long list of organizations.
Chicago Tribune
July 22, 2009 

Gifted students find culture, science and friendship in MUN-hosted program
Roughly 50 of the country's most gifted high school students and recent grads are wrapping up a month-long stay in Newfoundland as participants in Memorial University's seventh annual Shad Valley program.
The Telegram
July 22, 2009

Look Who's Coming to Smith College this Fall
Smith will welcome 787 new students this fall, members of the Class of 2013, selected from a record-breaking 4,011 applicants.
Smith College News
July 21, 2009 

Our Best and the Brightest Led us to the Moon and Now We’re Leaving Them Behind
It is not surprising that it would take Forbes, the magazine that, for years, had as its slogan “Capitalist Tool,” to point out that the way money is spent in the field of education is truly bizarre.
Thom Hartmann Show
July 20, 2009 

Summer slide: Time to help children avoid it
Ask a teacher what's the one thing they wish their students would do over the summer and the answer will most likely be “read.”
July 20, 2009

Gifted pupils make the cut
Pupils from 15 Camden primary schools have made their film making debut as part of a special film project designed for gifted and talented children.
Camden News
July 18, 2009

Markup Watch: Not Many Changes Likely to Ed. Bill
Relax, Teacher Incentive Fund fans: It doesn't look like the full House Appropriations Committee is going to make major changes to that education spending bill approved last week by the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Related Agencies.
Ed Week
July 17, 2009

Javits Grant Funding – Perennial Target
Just like a turkey shoot in November, the Javits Grant attracts eager hunters seeking an “acceptable,” if not an easy, target.
High Ability
July 17, 2009

The Warped Nature of Gifted Student Schooling
The birth of education for the gifted generated a new social trend which placed great value on science.
Daily NK
July 17, 2009

Curriculum upgraded for gifted kids
A leading science school has upgraded its curriculum to meet the high intellectual demands of students.
Bangkok Post
July 17, 2009

No Funding for Summer Centers
For 40 years Maryland’s Summer Centers have given gifted and talented students a way to continue to excel over the summer.
July 16, 2009

PEP testing oversight in new hands
Longview school officials announced Wednesday that they are assuming oversight of testing and admission for Hudson PEP Elementary School beginning with the 2010-11 school year.
July 16, 2009

14 Year Old Teen To Enter Pre Med Honors Program at Mary Baldwin College This Fall
Marne Garretson, a 14 year old teen who recently completed the ninth grade will be entering Mary Baldwin College this fall.
Press Release
July 15, 2009

Gifted Education Funding in Trouble
If you are a special education student in the US your needs are required to be met by US law. Gifted/Talented/High-Ability students are not covered.
Daily Kos
July 15, 2009 

Charter school for gifted gets approval
The Lowcountry will have a regional charter school for gifted and talented students at the start of the 2010 school year.
The Post & Courier
July 15, 2009 

Camp helps students, teachers learn during summer
While many of her co-workers are taking the summer off to spend time at home relaxing with family, Anne Roth is sitting in a classroom with middle schoolers who are learning about polymer compounds and bouncing off the wall.
July 14, 2009 

Public school district to implement new programming for gifted students
Gifted and talented students can look forward to new programming starting this fall in the public schools.
Herald Tribune
July 14, 2009

Nicola Harvey can't recall exactly when she knew her 15-year-old daughter Ashlee Reynolds was "a little more gifted" than the average person but recalled that it was "very very early".
Jamaica Journal
July 12, 2009 

Top students forced to hew to a mediocre path
I have written the following in response to the article in your paper titled “Collier school district working to reduce absences among its top students.”
Naples Daily News
July 12, 2009

Gifted children ignored in N.Y.
Newly retired state Education Commissioner Richard Mills has accomplishments from his tenure, but improving gifted education is not one of them.
Times Union
July 11, 2009 

Gifted school nears debut
SAGE Academy, the future educational home for the most academically advanced students in Prior Lake-Savage Area elementary schools, will help students find “an area of passion,” Coordinator Pam Winfield said Monday.
Savage Pacer
July 10, 2009 

Seminar on ’gifted children’
A seminar to mark the launch of a new educational program for gifted children was held recently at Jeddah’s Future Generation International School.
Arab News
uly 10, 2009

Are Gifted Children Born or Made?
Some say given enough time, money and instruction, any child can develop a special expertise. Others, however, insist gifted children are born, not made.
VOA News
July 9, 2009 

UC Irvine Extension Offers “Gifted and Talented Education” Seminars at No Cost
The University of California, Irvine today announced the availability of its “Gifted and Talented Education” (GATE) seminars on its OpenCourseWare (OCW) Web site.
Press Release
July 8, 2009 

Kindergarten Waiting Lists Shrink, but Parents Fret
In May, the New York City Department of Education stirred rage among middle-class parents when it put hundreds of children on waiting lists to attend kindergarten at their neighborhood schools.
New York Times
July 8, 2009

Support for gifted and talented hailed
Eldon Grove Primary School in Hartlepool has become the first school in town, and one of just over 100 schools in Britain, to be given the National Association for Able Children in Education's (NACE) Challenge Award.
Hartlepool Mail
July 7, 2009 

District explores 'readiness' schools
Local students looking for a charter-school experience might get it without even stepping out of the district as early as next year.
Lowell Sun
July 7, 2009

D-300 reviews its options for gifted program
Beef up the gifted program or get rid of it – that’s the task facing Dave Alessio and the District 300 Education Committee that he recently took over.
Northwest Herald
July 4, 2009

Camp caters to gifted kids
At 15, Julia Ross was able to test out of high school geometry because she learned everything she needed to know in three weeks.
Bowling Green Daily
July 3, 2009

Shortchanging High Achievers
Summer programs for gifted students are on the chopping block.
Washington Post
July 3, 2009

Fewer teachers for area's `gifted'
Lee County Schools will introduce changes to how some "academically gifted" students receive instruction next school year, a decision that has drawn complaints from several parents.
The Sanford Herald
July 2, 2009

Ohio Wesleyan programs target gifted, scientific students
If the students around Ohio Wesleyan University look younger than usual, don't be alarmed.
Columbus Local News
July 1, 2009

Some still seek more G&T seats at PS 24
Jennifer Firestone was one of the parents flanked by elected officials on Tuesday, as they called for additional gifted and talented classes in kindergarten and first grade at PS 24.
The Riverdale Press
July 1, 2009