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June 2009

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Talented wordsmith
IT'S not every day the Daily Examiner receives an email and phone call from the Department of Education recommending an exceptional Valley student for a story.
The Daily Examiner
June 30, 2009

Are Parents Thinking Differently About Education?
The phone keeps ringing at the Upper West Side office of Robin Aronow, an educational consultant and schools guru: anxious families suddenly rethinking whether they can afford private school, distressed parents wondering what to do if their children don’t make it into vaunted gifted and talented programs.
New York Times
June 30, 2009

Students, teachers need support
Gifted learners are found in every classroom, in every school and across all cultures and socio-economic groups.
New Zealand Herald
June 29, 2009

Maynard residents want to give voice to the gifted
The children's storytime room at the public library overflowed with parents during the recent first meeting of the Maynard Parents for Advanced Learning Strategies group.
Metro West Daily News
June 29, 2009

Cuts Hit Minority Students
Effort to close achievement gap "abandoned?"
The Connection
June 28, 2009

'One size fits all' schools failing bright pupils
Millions of bright children are being failed by the "one size fits all" comprehensive system, according to a former Downing Street advisor.
The Telegraph
June 27, 2009

Charter school gets panel approval
The Lowcountry's first regional charter school for gifted and talented students took another step forward in its effort to open in the fall of next year.
The Post & Courier
June 24, 2009

MALDEF files objections
The Mexican-American Legal Defense Fund has filed objections in federal court to certain parts of ECISD's motion to dismiss its ongoing desegregation case.
June 23, 2009

After middle-of-the-night news on G&T, decision-making time
Hundreds of city parents who spent the weekend hitting their e-mail refresh button now know which gifted and talented program has accepted their child.
Gotham Schools
June 22, 2009 

Artistically gifted thrive at arts academy
But state budget cuts could force the Fine Arts Academy to change in the future.
June 22, 2009

Low numbers may end programme for gifted
A charitable trust supporting gifted children's education faces closing its North Canterbury programme due to low numbers.
The Press
June 21, 2009

Parents concerned about cuts in Green's gifted program
The June Green Board of Education meeting was dominated by questions and concerns regarding recent cuts in the gifted program.
The Suburbanite
June 21, 2009

Survey: Most students get outside help in math
School math not challenging enough, 43 percent say in survey
Palo Alto Online
June 20, 2009

Education not up to par for gifted
Laura Vanderkam is spot on about tying the poor education of our best and brightest to our economic weaknesses.
USA Today (Letter)
June 19, 2009 

Salem-Keizer's 'gifted' program rebounds
State commends district's improvements and compliance with state law after TAG inquiry.
Statesman Journal
June 18, 2009

Parents' challenge: gifted children may be 'twice exceptional'
He's the kid who started college at 14. The girl who played the violin as a toddler. The chess master who was 10 years old.
Channel 5
June 18, 2009

Teachers learn to open GATEway for gifted students
It's not always easy being at the head of the class.
June 18, 2009

How to Support Your IT Innovators
The key to freeing IT up is to increase the "IT smarts" of your team.
Harvard Business Review
June 17, 2009 

Redwood City school district trustees OK $5.6M in cuts
At the urging of parents, trustees also decided not to completely eliminate the Gifted and Talented Education program (GATE). But they did propose cutting the districts $49,000 contribution to the program and said it would have to survive on $54,000 in state funding.
Mercury News
June 17, 2009 

Gifted kids have many strings to their bows
Violinists Ryan and Amber Edwards have an unconventional approach to learning.
East & Bays Courier
June 17, 2009

Three-hour class led teacher to long-term , unique position
Just one continuing education class was the factor that enabled Kathy Simmons, director of the Farmington Public Schools' Gifted and Talented Education program, to get the job she has held 22 years.
Northwest Arkansas Times
June 15, 2009

'Gifted' policies hurt Sarasota schools
The Herald-Tribune has run several articles about the challenges faced on North Tamiami Trail in Sarasota.
June 15, 2009

District 80 to continue TAG program
District 80 will continue and expand its successful Talented and Gifted program next year despite unsure funding, said members of the District 80 Board of Education at a meeting last week
June 15, 2009

Gifted and Talented Kids Shouldn't Be Forgotten
At a time when the media all too often focuses on young people who are in trouble or who are troubled, it can be easy develop a skewed perspective of our young people in general.
June 14, 2009

No Longer Letting Scores Separate Pupils
Sixth graders at Cloonan Middle School here are assigned numbers based on their previous year’s standardized test scores — zeros indicate the highest performers, ones the middle, twos the lowest — that determine their academic classes for the next three years.
NY Times
June 14, 2009

Brunswick High School student accepted to Martin Essex School
Leisa DeCarlo will be the first Brunswick High student to attend the Martin Essex School for the Gifted since the school was founded in 1976.
Brunswick Sun
June 14, 2009 

Dr. F. Richard Olenchak answers the question: Is Gifted Education killing itself in Texas?
With the withdrawal of mandatory Gifted and Talented teacher certification in Texas a few years ago, many colleges and universities have reduced or eliminated the number of Gifted and Talented courses and programs due to lack of demand.
June 14, 2009 

Madison teacher named Fellow in gifted education
Britt Kuehn, a gifted/enrichment teacher for the Madison public schools, has been named a Gifted Child Society (GCS) Fellow by the Gifted Child Society, a nonprofit organization providing services for gifted children since 1957 and based in Glen Rock.
Madison Eagle
June 13, 2009 

UCF Program Identifies Talented Middle Schoolers
Academically gifted middle-schoolers from Osceola County challenged themselves and learned about the opportunities higher education can offer them during a four-day UCF summer camp modeled after the famed Duke Talent Identification Program.
UCF Newsroom
June 13, 2009 

Do more for the for the kids, Rosmah tells varsities
Institutions of higher learning have been urged to expand their role by involving themselves in programmes for young children.
New Straits Times
June 12, 2009

Gifted and Talented services offered at Tulsa public schools
The section of the website outlining details of the Gifted and Talented portion of the special education opportunities in
TPS is scarce on details for prospective parents.
June 12, 2009

Cogito builds international ties
Imagine being able to connect young people interested in science and math from around the world by means of a free, state-of-the-art Web site.
June 12, 2009

Gifted program expanding in Boise
More kids will be able to take part, and the district is taking steps to standardize entrance criteria.
Idaho Statesman
June 12, 2009 

Schools' symposium to open
Symposium made possible through a Hormel Foundation grant.
Austin Daily Herald
June 12, 2009

Should Genius Kids Know Their IQs?
Experts Say Brilliant Children Can Later Fall Into an Underachieving Emotional Trap.
ABC News
June 12, 2009

Middle school audit buoys efforts to teach high achievers
Hillsboro expert says teacher training is key to success at Neil Armstrong
News & Times
June 11, 2009

C-MITES brings learning and fun together
For parents of gifted children, finding appropriate summer courses can be difficult.
The Almanac
June 11, 2009

Not all students will have the summer off
Montgomery County's summer school, enrichment classes and camp will begin this month.
New River Valley
June 11, 2009 

Parents struggle to win coveted pre-K slots in N.O. public schools; disparities in "gifted" testing at crux of conflict
For New Orleans residents Rachel Meese and Jason Schoenfeld, the search for a public prekindergarten for their daughter, Bella, has already consumed the kind of money, time and energy typical of an Ivy League college search.
The Times-Picayune
June 11, 2009

Metro High Schools Recognized For Excellence
Newsweek magazine and the Washington Post are out with the annual list of the top 1,500 high schools in the country, which include several metro schools.
June 11, 2009

Head of the class: Pair of Dallas high schools tops Newsweek rankings
Two Dallas Independent School District high schools have again topped Newsweek's list of the best schools in the nation.
Dallas Morning News
June 10, 2009

Marlborough alternate teaching method earns high marks
Differentiated instruction, a topic of concern for some parents, involves constant assessment and adjustment - a process that is succeeding, school officials say.
Metro West Daily News
June 10, 2009 

ROE receives grant to help Gifted and Talented
The Regional Office of Education has received a Gifted Grant Award through the state to help educators in the tri-county area. Regional Superintendent Keri Garrett says that the $72,178 grant will help gifted and talented students.
June 10, 2009 

Anderson chapter almost closed
Interim superintendent Bruce Anderson was honored Monday.
Austin Daily Herald
June 10, 2009

Gifted students drop out
The short answer to "Where are today's Leonardos?" is that their drive and creativity have been depleted by the combination of our compulsory education system, unstimulating work and social culture.
USA Today (letter)
June 10, 2009 

Meet Karina, the two-year-old as smart as Stephen Hawking
Scores of 90 to 109 are considered average and anything above 140 is gifted. Carol Vorderman, with an IQ of 154, lags six points behind Karina.
Daily Mail
June 9, 2009 

Scholars Academy Loses Funding
Missouri lawmakers slashed two-thirds of Missouri Scholars Academy's funding starting next year.
June 9, 2009

Sunset Park Elementary School is turning it around
Revamped curriculum helps school shed ‘troubled' label
The Herald
June 7, 2009

School deficit in Cranston cut to $182,000
The $3.9-million budget gap the Cranston School Department faced for the coming year is down to $182,000, and some of the cuts that riled parents and students — those affecting gifted and talented programs, elementary music programs and hockey at Cranston High School East — have been reversed.
Providence Journal
June 6, 2009

Williams retires after 40 years in education
After 40 years in education, Sharon Williams is retiring from Heber Springs Elementary School. Williams has served as the GATE (Gifted And Talented Education) teacher for more than two decades.
June 6, 2009

The Swine Flu Solution: Fund the Best Minds in Science
Spurred by the spread of swine flu, President Barack Obama recently called for more than 3 percent of our nation's GDP to be spent on research and development, saying "[T]his represents the largest commitment to scientific research and innovation in American history."
TCS Daily
June 5, 2009

Chess popular at Smiley school
It was an afternoon of silence, concentration, nerves, and excitement at Smiley Elementary School Wednesday at the school's first chess tournament.
Redlands Daily Facts
June 5, 2009

New Articles on Gifted Education, Special Education
My colleagues have been doing some fine work in this area that is worth checking out.
Edweek Blog
June 4, 2009

Finding ‘gifted’ students takes work
What does a gifted student look like? It’s not a test score.
The Advocate
June 4, 2009

Florida Connections Academy 2009 State Test Scores Exceed Overall State Results.
Virtual school demonstrates strong academic results; receives high praise from parents.
Academy News
June 3, 2009

Profoundly Gifted Find Challenging Programs
Lindsey Gwaltney spent much of elementary and middle school searching for new academic challenges, because her classroom assignments came so easily.
Ed Week
June 3, 2009

Identifying a bright child versus a gifted learner
In New York Public Schools there is a very distinctly identified Gifted and Talented program that is offered in many schools throughout the city.
The Examiner
June 2, 2009 

Girls Get Math: It's Culture That's Skewed
Just as boys tend to gravitate to toy trucks and girls usually prefer dolls, the gender differences in math performance have more to do with culture than aptitude.
US News & World Report
June 1, 2009 

District 300 gifted, P.E. programs may feel wrath of budget shortfall
To offset a potential deficit, officials in Community Unit District 300 are considering cutting gifted programs and physical education.
Daily Herald
June 1, 2009 

Young, dynamic, gifted and they want to bring the USA out recession
Students across the USA are lining up for the opportunity to live, study and work freely for America.
June 1, 2009