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Legislative Action Network

Gifted's National Advocacy Network

The National Association for Gifted Children needs your help to raise awareness of the needs of gifted children and to influence policy developed by Congress.  While NAGC can provide a national perspective and research support for our initiatives, Congress responds to what their constituents ask them to do.  It’s your efforts that will ensure success on behalf of gifted students.

NAGC created the Legislative Action Network (LAN) to help you speak to your federal legislators.  We will let you know when it's important for you to contact your Representative and Senators and will provide you with sample text as well as show you ways you can raise awareness of the needs of gifted children at other times of the year. 

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Why now?
All gifted is local
Our legislative agenda 

What Happens After I Join? 

  • NAGC will provide regular legislative updates, via the website and email, to LAN members.
  • NAGC will provide sample letters to the editor for use in local papers that raise awareness of gifted students’ learning needs and which support our efforts.  LAN members will add a local perspective to the letters and submit them to the local newspapers.
  • NAGC will ask LAN members to contact their Members of Congress via email at key times during the legislative process and will provide sample text for the communications. Again, LAN members will add a local perspective to the communications.
  • LAN members will be encouraged to meet, where possible, with Members of Congress and their staff in the district and state office in support of gifted children.
  • LAN members will participate in Network activities to the extent that they’re interested and able.  We hope that LAN members will develop confidence in and enthusiasm for the advocacy process and encourage others to join as well.

Join the Legislative Action Network 

Before you join the Network, you will need to know your congressional district number.  If you do not know the number, click here to go to the U.S. House of Representatives website and enter your zip+4 on the top left side of the screen.  After you have that, go to our online form to sign up.

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Why Now? 

  • Gifted education will not receive consistent attention at the state and local level  -- especially during difficult economic times -- until the federal government demands accountability in quality education for all gifted children, and increases federal resources on their behalf.
  • Elected officials need -- and want -- to hear from their constituents about issues of concern.  They need to hear from you about why gifted education is important to you, to your state, and to the nation.  Members of Congress read the local papers, hold public meetings, visit schools, meet one-on-one in their offices, and rely on staff members who meet with constituents to learn which education issues are most important to the voters in the state or congressional district. 

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All Gifted is Local  

NAGC has a role to play in the legislative process, particularly by providing a national snapshot of gifted education as well as the research supporting our arguments.  However, Congress responds to constituent concerns; it's your voices that will yield results on behalf of gifted students.

NAGC's goal is to increase the numbers of Members of Congress who understand and support the needs of gifted children.  In order to be successful, we are relying on the grassroots -- local families, teachers, and community leaders, to get involved.  We need advocates to contact Congress directly, both in Washington, DC, and back in the home state offices, and indirectly, by writing letters to the editor and other awareness-raising efforts, explaining the need for and the value of gifted education programs and services in your communities and states. 

By joining the Legislative Action Network, your local voice becomes part of a national network of concerned advocates focused on ways to move the nation forward on gifted and talented education.

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Our Legislative Agenda 

NAGC’s overall advocacy messages focus on strengthening federal education policies in several key areas, which you can read more about here:

NAGC, state gifted educaqtion association leaders, and Network members have begun using these advocacy and policy themes in meetings with legislators and have placed op-ed opinion pieces that raise these issues in major newspapers across the country (click here to read the op-ed pieces).  We’re confident that with your assistance we can increase our impact, making a difference for gifted and talented children. 

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