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 The Teacher’s Corner: August

In each issue of Compass Points you will hear from me, NAGC’s Teacher Resource Specialist. In an effort to increase your understanding about specific subject areas or themes, I will provide related book titles, websites, professional papers, and other relevant resources. They will then be archived under the Content Connections section of the NAGC website.
With the convention just weeks away, I thought it best to focus on this most important resource. If you are as excited about Tampa as I am, then you will surely want to plan ahead. The convention provides a chance to become informed about everything the field has to offer while networking with other educators from around the country.

I suggest you visit the schedule at a glance webpage. From the opening general session on Thursday to the closing on Sunday, the schedule is full of general sessions and mini keynotes, breakout strands, and evening events. You can also take a stroll through the virtual exhibit hall.

Best of all, as an NAGC member, you can plan your itinerary on-line. Search through hundreds of sessions grouped by topic area. You can edit, organize, and save your personalized plan for each and every day. Perhaps you want to find out about identification on Friday, curriculum options on Saturday, and assessment on Sunday. The sky is the limit with this helpful planning tool.

It is an exciting time to be an educator in the field of Gifted and Talented Education, and it is equally exciting to have the opportunity to attend the annual conference. So when you arrive, pick up your bag and nametag, and take a seat for the Opening General Session, be prepared to leave with new ideas and insights.

In the meantime, be sure to visit the Educators section on the NAGC website created with you in mind.

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