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Act Now to Make Sure Every Child Learns Every Day....

President-Elect Obama promises an "Open Government" where you have the oppoprtunity, and responsibility, to help shape his administration.  Act now to make sure that recognizing and meeting the needs of gifted and talented students is on the Obama Administration's list of education priorities.

Visit the YOUR VISION page on the Office of the President-Elect's website ( and submit a brief statement of support for gifted children. You may want to incorprate the following themes in your message:

  • Giftedness does not discriminate. Unfortunately, our schools do. It is a national tragedy that the performance of our lower-income gifted students mirrors their more affluent peers when they begin school, yet steadily declines with each succeeding year.
  • An investment in gifted education is an investment in America's ability to compete in the changing global economy.   

Make sure that your voice is heard! First go to YOUR VISION ( )and then please email NAGC a copy of "your vision!"  (mail to:  NAGC will compile your submissions and deliver them to leaders of the Obama Education Transition Team!  Please act before December 8. 

For more ideas of how to articulate the needs of gifted children, click here to read recent Letters to the Editor by members and officers of NAGC.