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Advocating on behalf of Gifted and Talented Learners 

Capitol by Del SiegleNAGC created the Legislative Action Network (LAN) to raise awareness about the needs of gifted children and influence federal policy decisions. 

When you join the LAN, you will help to advocate for gifted and talented children during these difficult economic times. Our goal is to achieve a high quality education for all gifted children, and increase federal resources on their behalf.  To be successful, Members of Congress need to hear from you, their constituents, about these important issues.

I Want to Help, but how?

LAN members will be asked to contact their Members of Congress at key times during the legislative process.NAGC makes it easy, by providing sample emails and letters to help you with these communications

LAN members can expect to hear from NAGC once a month, with additional communications requesting specific action that is tied to key legislative activity or opportunities to raise awareness in their communities. 

OK, I'm ready!

Joining will only take a few minutes, but you will need the Congressional District Number for where you live. If you do not know that number, go to the following site: and insert your zipcode + 4 into the form at the top left side of the screen to obtain your district number.  Get your zipcode+4 through the U.S. Postal Service.


What else can I do?

We also hope you will let others in your state know of this effort and encourage them to join the LAN as well. Thank you so much for helping us to better serve gifted and high-ability students.  We've prepared a flyer that you can distribute at meetings or include as an email attachment to let others know about the need for grassroots support.  The flyer is available in WORD and as a PDF

New NAGC products to help your advocacy efforts
42141D  Maximizing Student Achievement Brochures for elementary, middle, and secondary administrators who are just learning about gifted children's special educational and social and emotional needs.  

4213910 Myths in Gifted Education  There are several pervasive myths that inhibit school districts from providing high-ability children with an appropriate education.  This brochure/poster refutes ten of these erroneous beliefs about gifted education.