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“Membership in NAGC has helped me grow as a professional, giving me opportunities to network with other students with similar interests as well as meet and collaborate with leaders in the field.”
- Jill Adelson, Graduate Student, University of Connecticut

“NAGC provides not only a place to collaborate, brainstorm, and build new ideas with educators, but also a forum for sharing the latest and greatest research in our field. Being a part of the NAGC community keeps that motivational spark alive inside; being surrounded by the  most influential people in gifted education at NAGC conferences reminds me why I am pursuing an advanced degree in this field.”
- Jenna Bachinski, Graduate Student, University of Connecticut

“Two months into my first year of graduate school, I drove the ten hours from Charlottesville to Louisville, Kentucky with two other graduate students to attend the NAGC conference. We split the cost of gas and shared a $50 hotel room on the "other side" of the river. I was working on a literature review about identification for a course I was taking with Carol Tomlinson, and I remember being amazed by how many of my "references" I had the opportunity to meet and talk with at the conference. I left with so many new insights and ideas. I feel really indebted to NAGC for introducing me to people who would eventually become my mentors and, later, my colleagues and friends.”
 -Dr. Holly Hertberg-Davis, Assistant Professor, University of Virginia

"Being a member of NAGC as a Graduate Student provided the opportunity to network with other graduate students from across the country and share ideas, research, and experiences. This networking served as the beginning of collegial relationships and a foundation for my future work in the field of gifted education. Belonging to a Division/Network provided the chance to become actively involved in the organization in an area of my interest and built a base for future contributions to the field."
-Dr. Christine Briggs, Assistant Professor, University of Louisiana-Lafayette

"When I joined NAGC as a graduate student, I became part of a community of learners who work on behalf of gifted children from diverse backgrounds.  I was immediately inspired by the passion of researchers and teachers alike; both work for the benefit of gifted children at the local and national level. NAGC is a wonderful community where friendships are forged and professional connections are created."
-Dr. Suzanna E. Henshon (The College of William & Mary, 2005) Florida Gulf Coast University

"Becoming a member of NAGC as a graduate student opened my eyes and mind to the issues facing gifted education from the classroom to the floor of the Senate. In my three years of membership, NAGC has provided me with opportunities to share my own work, it has assisted me in remaining current in my knowledge of pedagogy, and it has proven a valuable means of networking with a dedicated and vibrant group of leaders in the field."
- Megan Davison, Graduate Student, The College of William & Mary