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The Benefits of a Graduate Student Membership

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The Benefits Outweigh the Cost!
Graduate student members of NAGC receive discounts for membership and attendance at the national convention. This is a great benefit for those of us trying to finance our education and further our growth as professionals. Become a member.

Let’s face it- you won’t be a graduate student forever. Now is the time to make those necessary connections and friends with the current and future leaders of our field. Visit and join the Network of your choice to learn more. Click Here!

Get Advice
Through experiences like the NAGC Graduate Student Research Gala (held annually at the national convention), you have the opportunity to discuss your research, with experienced researchers, and get feedback on your projects! Visit Here!

Stay Connected
Graduate student membership updates you with news about the committee, opportunities for research and presentations, and other valuable information for graduate students. Visit the NAGC Graduate Student wiki.

Think About it
There is a whole graduate student community out there just waiting for you. Join NAGC as a graduate member today!