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The digital age has sparked an explosion of information and resources around the globe -- sometimes making it difficult to spot the proverbial forest for the trees. Whether you're new to the world of high potential young people or have years of experience with gifted children, NAGC is here to help!  We have collected the practical resources you need and the high-quality information you have come to trust in one easily accessible, organized location. So, take a walk though our top notch forest (and keep your eyes open for the trees, too!). 

The Big Picture - Start here for an introduction to gifted education, with answers to questions like "What is gifted?" and "Why do we need gifted education?" -- this will set you on your way.

Common Myths about Gifted Education - Unfortunately, there are several widely held myths, which hinder providing appropriate education services to gifted children.  This section looks at these myths and gives research advocates can use to rebuff incorrect beliefs about gifted children and gifted education.  

Why We Need Gifted and Talented Education - The answers to some of the most difficult educational choices, and the research supporting them can be found by visiting Gifted Education Works, where we gather the evidence that gifted education strategies make a meaningful difference. 

NAGC Position Papers - Are you looking for an authoritative recommendation on topics concerning gifted children? NAGC position papers provide a reasoned, researched, and endorsed viewpoint from a nationally recognized organization.

Hot Topics - Keep your finger on the pulse of best practices in the field of gifted education or current events by checking out all of the hot topics pulled together here in one convenient location.

ERIC Archives - We have collected brief, research-based summaries of information from the federal Education Resources Information Clearinghouse (ERIC) related to raising and teaching gifted children.

NAGC Pre-K-Grade 12 Gifted Programming Standards - NAGC has revised the programming standards to focus on student outcomes.  The standards are designed to help school leaders establish practices and create educational environments that maximize a child's potential. 

NCATE Gifted Education teacher Preparation Standards - View the standards used to accredit college and university teacher preparation programs and for inservice training in gifted education developed by NAGC in conjunction with the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC).

Frequently Asked Questions - Will answer your initial questions and lead you to answers to your new questions.

Glossary of Terms - Every area of knowledge has its own distinct set of terms and phrases. The glossary is designed to help you build a stronger understanding of the frequently used vocabulary in gifted education.

An Advocacy Toolkit - If you are trying to make changes in federal, state, or local policy, we have an invaluable set of tools for you!

A History of Gifted Education - Check out this timeline, which traces the significant events and innovations in the field from the 19th century to today.

Related Resource Links - Review other organizations and resources actively supporting gifted children.

Parallel Curriculum Model - NAGC, in collaboration with the Connecticut State Department of Education, is pleased to offer support materials for the Parallel Curriculum Model (PCM) developed as part of a federal grant under the Jacob Javits Gifted and Talented Students Education Act.  These support materials provide educators with an opportunity to participate in a distance learning initiative about the PCM.  Note that materials correspond to the original PCM book, however, the second edition of the book is now available in the NAGC online bookstore.