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Mary Lou Colvin and Donna Olson Shreve presented a session at the NAGC annual convention in Minneapolis on academic and other challenges; why they are good for gifted children and how you find them.  They believe that organized challenges not only encourage gifted children to work to their ability, but also teach them how to win and lose with grace and without trauma. 

Mary Lou Colvin is a 4th/5th grade teacher and academic challenges facilitator at Holaway Elementary School in Arizona.  Donna Olson Shreve is a gifted specialist and REACH Department co-chair at Amphitheater Public Schools, also in Arizona

Click here for their list of available academic and other challenges.  Please note that the deadlines given are for 2007.  In most cases, the deadlines each year are close to those dates. Please go to the individual websites for current application information on each competition.

The Resource Round-Up column in the December issue of Parenting for High Potential also focuses on competitions and contests.  Click here to read the article.

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