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June 2007

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Gifted program is spared major cuts
The Batavia Unit District 101 will make some tweaks to its elementary gifted program, but not to the extent some parents had feared.
The Daily Herald
June 30, 2007

Parents pleased gifted program saved
Several parents of gifted students said Tuesday they were pleased that the district's Interdisciplinary Challenge program was not being eliminated.
Kane County Chronicle
June 27, 2007

Class of bright sparks
A spot in a selective school is widely viewed as the glittering prize for a gifted child, but it's not for all students, nor is it the only choice.
Brisbane Times
June 26, 2007

Gifted students go to college thanks to LeBron James
30 high achieving middle school students from Akron and Cleveland are going to John Carroll University this summer.
Akron News
June 26, 2007

Gifted students gather at Missouri Scholars Academy
The entrancing chimes and hollow tones of Calypso steel drums captured the attention of high school juniors like Logan Brunner, 16, during a summer evening at the Missouri Scholars Academy.
News Tribune
June 25, 2007

U.S. funds nuclear fuel research
The U.S. Department of Energy will award up to $340,000 in fellowships to eight graduate students to advance research in the nuclear fuel cycle.
Science Daily
June 25, 2007

Norfolk schools rock-bottom
Norfolk has been ranked rock-bottom in England for spotting and "stretching" its brightest children - because of an apparent mix-up over paperwork.
Norwich News
June 25, 2007

School Board splits on gifted academy plans
Plans for a pilot fifth-grade gifted-and-talented program divided the Prior Lake-Savage Area School Board Monday (June 18), as a proposal to open a gifted academy failed in a split 3-3 vote.
Savage Pacer
June 23, 2007

Students learn fun side of science
In what resembled a Fourth of July preview, more than 30 rockets jetted into space - or at least higher than the old air control tower - Friday from the grounds of Castle Airport Aviation and Development Center.
Merced Sun-Star
June 23, 2007

Gifted students feel right at home in online school
As an alpha nerd, Harper Robinson naturally thinks her high school is kickwump - a word her class coined.
Los Angeles Times
June 22, 2007

Spring Lake Park lighthouse program chosen as action lab for national gifted children convention
The Spring Lake Park District 16's Lighthouse Program, a program for insatiable learners, has been selected as an action-lab site for the 54th annual National Association for Gifted Children Convention.
ABC Newspapers
June 22, 2007

Gifted children reject the teaching of British values in the school curriculum
Gifted children in The National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth, at the University of Warwick who participated in a survey are against the teaching of British values in the school curriculum.
Black Britain
June 22, 2007

Thankfully, providing gifted education is now mandatory in Colorado
Despite strong opposition from the Colorado Association of School Boards (including our own Greeley-Evans District 6 school board) and the Colorado Association for School Executives, the passing of House Bill 1244 to make gifted education mandatory is now a fact.
The Tribune
June 22, 2007

The kids of summer (school)
Gifted students went back to school for a few unconventional art, math and science classes. By
Tracy Press
June 20, 2007

Grand Blanc parents criticize board over vote to cut gifted program
Ending Grand Blanc School District's program for gifted students in grades K-8 might save $709,000 next year, but many parents believe it will short-change education.
June 19, 2007

No Child Left Behind setting below-average goals
When Margaret Spellings visited the Southeast Valley this spring, she was asked to respond to the question about the effects of No Child Left Behind on the average and above-average students.
The Arizona Republic
Jun. 19, 2007

Governor's School is in session for gifted students
A place to think, to question, to create. A place for students to be inspired to look at things differently, to analyze things from every angle. The Texas Governor's School for Science and Technology is such a place.
The Texas Chronicle
June 18, 2007

Batavia schools to discuss elementary gifted program
Batavia School Board members were taken by surprise at a recent meeting when parents voiced concerns about possible downscaling to the district's gifted program - because members didn't know anything about it.
Batavia Republican
June 18, 2007

Gifted education: A call for diversity
I am very excited that Florida is looking at changing the laws regulating entrance into gifted education programs. Under the current law, a pupil must possess at least a 130 IQ, and must be referred by their teacher to even get the IQ test.
Daytona Beach News
June 17, 2007

Parents question Kent gifted-program test
Parents of children in the highly capable program in the Kent School District say they are worried that the tests used to identify gifted students are not meeting requirements for state funding.
Seattle Times
June 17, 2007

Trust grants $25,000 for gifted children
Learning will be made easier for Masterton's gifted and talented children thanks to a $25,000 grant from the Masterton Trust Lands Trust.
Wairarapa Times
June 16, 2007

Commentary: Ideas for keeping gifted children - and all children - busy this summer
What are you going to do with your gifted kids at home all summer? Here are some things to consider as you pour through the brochures and booklets of opportunities.
Eden News
June 15, 2007

Zimbabwe: POSB Scholarship to Benefit Disadvantaged Children
The People's Own Savings Bank recently unveiled a scholarship fund as part of its corporate social responsiblity to assist underprivileged yet academically gifted school children in the communities in which the bank operates.
The Herald
June 14, 2007

Parents beg Batavia to keep gifted classes
When it comes to their children, some parents in Batavia are showing they will not accept a "mediocre" education.
Beacon News
June 13, 2007

School board signs off on budget
The Martinsville School Board on Monday unanimously approved the final version of the school system's 2007-2008 budget.
Martinsville Bulletin
June 12, 2007

New Prague will group the gifted so teachers can challenge them
In an effort to better reach its smartest students, the New Prague School District is starting a new program for gifted and talented kids this fall that will group each grade's brightest students together for the entire school day.
Star Tribune
June 12, 2007

Honoring the academic life
Since opening in January 2003, the Blank Honors Center has hosted students who need a place to work or just relax. And with numerous study rooms, commons areas, a computer lab, a library, a kitchen, and more, many students frequent the building to fill many of their needs.
The Daily Iowan
June 12, 2007

Parents criticize changes to Honors Program
Parents questioned policy and curriculum Monday at Bowling Green Junior High School during the Bowling Green Board of Education meeting.
Bowling Green News
June 12, 2007

State tightens rules on gifted and talented.
A new law signed by Gov. Ritter early this month tightens rules regarding gifted-and-talented programs in school districts.
The Tribune
June 11, 2007

WKU to add state's first honors college
Western Kentucky University wasn't Maggie Roe's first college choice.But then she visited the Bowling Green campus and learned about its University Honors Program, which is tailored for high-achievers and features leadership seminars, field trips and special housing.
The Courier-Journal
June 11, 2007

Cuts may force Okemos to scale back gifted program
Educators worry about impact on brightest students
Lansing State Journal
June 10, 2007

Making a SPLASH
These students are not just advanced. They have a different learning style than other children.
The Daily Record
June 9, 2007

New Gifted Program Is Mixed Bag for Kew Kids
Bringing the district's best and brightest students into your local school may seem like a huge boon but for Kew Gardens parents, its a mixed blessing at best.
Queens Chronicle
June 8, 2007

Gifted program post to return
The gifted program in the state's second-biggest district will get a full-time coordinator and its own budget next year, officials said this week.
The Daily Herald
June 8, 2007

Local districts proceed with gifted programs, despite little help from state
Since 1984, Ohio schools have been required by state law to identify gifted students; however, the state is not required to provide programs to those students, according to the Ohio Department of Education Web site.
Athens News
June 7, 2007

School board sets guidelines for gifted
Extra attention to School District 51's brightest students was paid at Tuesday night's Board of Education meeting as an advisory committee of parents and teachers presented recommendations for improving the district's gifted and talented program.
The Daily Sentinel
June 06, 2007

More is sought for gifted students
Parents of gifted students urged the Elgin School District U46 Board of Education this week to put some "meat on the bones" of programs for their children.
The Courier News
June 6, 2007

More is sought for gifted students
Parents of gifted students urged the Elgin School District U46 Board of Education this week to put some "meat on the bones" of programs for their children.
Courier News
June 6, 2007

SACS program for gifted kids praised in poll
Parents, teachers, administrators and students think the Southwest Allen County Schools program for gifted students is a success, a Ball State University professor told the school board Tuesday.
The Journal Gazette
June 6, 2007

School board sets guidelines for gifted
Extra attention to School District 51's brightest students was paid at Tuesday night's Board of Education meeting as an advisory committee of parents and teachers presented recommendations for improving the district's gifted and talented program.
The Daily Sentinel
June 06, 2007

Price of the gift: Advanced kids also have special needs
Most parents believe their child is brilliant, destined for greatness. But while some 3-year-olds love playing with blocks, a more precocious set is on its way to a degree in civil engineering. These children are exceptional. And to foster their gifts, they need constant stimulation and challenges.
Arizona Republic 
Jun. 6, 2007

Program identifies, uses kids' learning styles
Hall schools to use system next year that tailors lessons to students
The Times
June 4, 2007