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Wanted:  Passionate Sound Bites

Be your own best spokesperson

How does your gifted child or student experience the classroom?  We are looking for cartoons, verse, or short poems (50 words or less) that shed light on a gifted child's experience.  The submissions may come from you or directly from the child - there's no age limit -- everyone can participate.  We will display the cartoons and poems at the NAGC convention, include them in our advocacy and membership materials, and share them with those with limited gifted education experience. We want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly of being gifted in today's schools.  Poems and cartoons can communicate in ways a narrative might not.

Your Job:  Distill your experience into a "passionate sound bite."
Our Job:  Effectively use the sound bites to effect positive change.

We will be using submissions on our website so the cartoon must be produced as or be converted to a gif or jpeg file. Poems and verse must be short such as a Haiku, Limerick, Acrostic or Diamante.

Please follow the procedures below to submit a cartoon or short verse to NAGC:

1) download and complete the release form
2) submit the release form with your submission via fax or U.S. mail

Attn:  Carolyn Kaye
1707 L Street, NW, Suite 550
Washington, DC   20036

Fax:  202-785-4248

Email for questions:

We will contact you about whether your submission will be used on our website, in advocacy packets and anywhere else we feel it will be useful.  We will also request at that time that your submission be sent to us electronically. 

Attributions will include first name, age and the home state of the contributor.  If you are a teacher or parent and are willing to let us use your full name, city and state, please indicate this on your release form.

We can not accept poems or cartoons without a release form.

We look forward to seeing your submission.  Thank you for participating.