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May 2007

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Yorkville schools getting gifted program
Two new teachers, accelerated curriculum will cater to high scorers
The Beacon News
May 31, 2007

No room in gifted programs for 7,000 kids
The parents of nearly 7,000 kids learned last week that their precocious youngsters aren't precocious enough for public school gifted programs.
NY Daily News
May 31, 2007

Yemen Establishes first gifted school
Director of the Capital Secretariat's education office Mohammed Al-Fadhli has indicated that the first gifted school will be inaugurated for the next academic year 2007/2008.
Yemen Times
May 30, 2007

Freeport school board trims budget
Foreign language, gifted-and-talented programs sliced; freshman teams eyed
The Times Record
May 30, 2007

Ministry Nod for Grade Skipping by Gifted Kids
The Education Ministry approved recently a measure that would allow students to skip grades if they excel in their exams and score high in IQ tests.
Arab News
May 30, 2007

Racine's Jefferson Lighthouse School maintains gifted program with low costs
Jefferson Lighthouse School has the largest pupil-teacher ratio of any public elementary school in Racine.
Journal - Sentinel
May 30, 2007

Law lacks direction for gifted students
Programs for gifted and talented students vary so widely that parents and educators fear the brightest are left behind
Journal - Sentinel
May 29, 2007

Problem-solvers take on the world
The future's got problems, and Maple Point Middle School sixth-graders have answers.
Bucks County Courier Times
May 28, 2007

Gifted program may be reduced
The gifted and talented program at city schools is in limbo.
May 27, 2007

Editorial: Bright students aren't so 'gifted'
Gifted" education in Florida doesn't appear to be a model of intelligence.
TC Palm
May 27 2007

Kenric Ward: Is district smart enough to save gifted education?
Equity vs. excellence? The numbers tell the story.
TC Palm
May 26, 2007

Pike expands gifted, talented classes
Pike Township first-graders will be offered instruction in gifted and talented classes for the first time in the fall.
Indy Star
May6 25, 2007

Classroom prospects dim for the best and the brightest
With budget cuts, programs in the state for gifted students are in jeopardy
Boston Globe
May 24, 2007

Up to the challenge
Bored gifted students can disrupt class, and one Roscoe woman promotes better schooling for these students and works to maximize their education.
MAY 24, 2007

Grant will provide aid to gifted students at Winchester Thurston
A $2 million grant will provide tuition assistance to gifted students who enroll in the Winchester Thurston School's Upper School academic program, officials said.
May 24, 2007

Some say the gifted are being left behind
Though the federal No Child Left Behind act aspires to bring struggling students to proficiency, some worry the act is having the opposite effect on gifted students.
Intelligencer Journal
May 23, 2007

Gifted girl saw college as her 'ultimate playground'
In the fall of 2002, Andrea Dixon left home for the first time in her life and headed to Mary Baldwin College.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
May 23, 2007

What's the story?
Has their been any follow-up on the recommendations for Batavia school's gifted program from Tamra Stambaugh's year-long evaluation of the program?
Community Press
May 22, 2007

Leaving Gifted Children Behind
When the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) was introduced in 2001, its purpose was to set goals for improved test scores in low-performing elementary and secondary schools.
Millersville, PA Newswire
May 21, 2007

Gifted education
HISD will offer Vanguard name to more programs for bright children.
Houston Chronicle
May 21, 2007

NEWSWEEK: America's Best High Schools, 2007
Newsweek Ranks Public High Schools Across America: Talented and Gifted in Dallas Scores Top Spot Second Year in a Row.
PR Newswire
May 20, 2007

Tumwater schools may expand gifted programs
Gifted students would have more challenging assignments to do throughout the week in their regular classrooms under a Tumwater School District proposal.
The Olympian
May 20, 2007

$94 million to be spent on special education
The growing concern among parents in St. James of finding a specialist education unit for children with learning disabilities could be eased within months.
Jamaica Gleaner
May 19, 2007

FACTO needs support of parents
Fowlerville parents can assist their schools in supporting gifted and talented students by joining the Fowlerville Academic Creative Talented Organization (FACTO), an affiliate of the Michigan Alliance for Gifted Education.
Ann Arbor News
Friday, May 18, 2007

Education funding issue gains momentum; petitions being circulated in six-county area
A proposed constitutional amendment which would establish a new process for determining how to fund Ohio's public schools appears to be gaining momentum around the area.
May 18, 2007

As the school year comes to a close and many graduating seniors are hoping for academic honors and a bit of scholarship money to help pay for college, three local elementary school students are getting ahead of the curve on both counts.
Dundalk Eagle
May 17, 2007

AIG students accept new challenges
Gifted students from across Cherokee County will finally receive curriculum that is challenging and rewarding.
Cherokee Sentinel
May 16, 2007

Will elite magnet program lose pull?
Some fear that HISD's changes to Vanguard classes will take away the academic edge
Houston Chronicle
May 16, 2007

£3.6 million for gifted and talented learning
Gifted and talented secondary children will benefit from a wide range of out of school hours learning through leading universities, announced Schools Minister Andrew Adonis today.
Press Zoom
May 14, 2007

'Hubs of excellence' for talented pupils
A network of "excellence hubs" is being set up at universities across the country to provide more challenging courses for thousands of gifted and talented state school pupils.
May 12, 2007

Gifted students tackle tough problems
Jacobson Elementary fifth-grader Rushi Shah and his classmates had to explore a novel concept: thinking like a teacher.
The Arizona Republic
May 10, 2007

Survey Focuses on One Group of Children Left Behind
One group of children in America is being left behind in terms of getting all they need from the schools they attend, according to a newly-released survey of parents and educators.
2e Newsletter
May 11, 2007  

Creating a new class
Kathy Daelhousen and Gayle Goss have been teaching for a long time, and over time they have found a structure and an atmosphere that they love.
May 11, 2007

Gifted young get academic opportunities
THOUSANDS of bright sparks in the region will be given the chance to excel academically thanks to a new scheme.
Cambridge Evening News
May 10, 2007

District planning to better serve gifted students
The Campbell County School District has partnered with professionals such as engineers and university professors to improve services for gifted and talented students.
The Community Press
May 10, 2007

Gifted students at Lawn Avenue School could benefit from new Virtual High School program
A new program to stimulate the minds of gifted students will be introduced at the Lawn Avenue School next year.
The Jamestown Press
May 10, 2007

Parents seek more classes for highly gifted
Some 4,500 children in the San Diego Unified School District are identified as highly gifted, but many of them are unable to get into classes designed for them.
May 9, 2007

Gifted-pupil plan wins approval
Saginaw Township Community Schools officials want to spend up to $115,000 to shore up course offerings for gifted and talented students.
May 08, 2007

United States Supreme Court Asked to Review Voucher Case
Lawyers for an extremely gifted child filed a petition for review with the United States Supreme Court today.
Christian Newswire
May 8, 2007

Gifted children falling through the cracks, says education officer
Dr. Polly Bowes-Howell, chairman of the special education committee with the Jamaica Teachers' Association, says she believes the education system is failing some of the nation's students.
Jamaica News
May 7, 2007

Talented and gifted programs get cut from lack of funds
A lack of dedicated state funding for talented and gifted programs has caused at least one local school district to cut its program and another to pare its program down.
Argus Leader
May 6, 2007

Toledo Public Schools offers fewer chances to take advanced courses
Toledo Public high school students have fewer opportunities to take advanced-placement courses than students living in the suburbs, and the district has the lowest percentage in Lucas County of younger children identified as gifted.
The Blade
May 6, 2007

Schools may trim gifted funding
The position of district coordinator for the Gifted and Talented program, which Barb Andersen has held for the last two years, may be eliminated due to a tight elementary budget.
Daily Inter Lake
May 5, 2007

Putting our minds together to promote gifted education
River County's Gifted Task Force met for more than eight months in 2005 and 2006, but its recommendations were never aired before the School Board or revealed to the public.
TC Palm
May 5, 2007

Gifted pupils get a boost
The number of academically gifted students is growing rapidly at at least one elementary school, and an administrator on Thursday credited the increase to the number of teachers district wide being trained to spot the characteristics of their sharpest students.
News & Observer
May 4, 2007

Twin Falls district to open magnet school for talented and gifted
Idaho Twin Falls is opening its first magnet school, a full-time program for talented and gifted students.
Twin Falls News
May 3, 2007

Einsteins need to be nurtured
LIMITED support services for gifted children in Lothian have recently been announced, but the measures are still woefully inadequate.
The Scotsman
May 3, 2007

Caution: Young minds are under construction
Students in the Seneca East Local School District are taking ownership in construction of the new facility growing west of the village.
May 2, 2007

DVUSD ponders school for gifted, Parents supply input on gifted program
Some parents like the idea of a campus for gifted students while about 23 percent of survey respondents oppose the idea.
West Valley News
May 1, 2007

Educator a gifted teacher ... in more ways than one
To see the joy of learning in action, you need only enter Samara Newnam's classroom of gifted and talented fifth-graders at Storer Elementary School.
The Star Press
May 1, 2007