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NAGC Special Schools & Programs Network
2009 Article Competition

The Special Schools & Programs Network of NAGC is sponsoring a competition for an article based on one of the questions below about special schools or programs for the gifted.  In an effort to support and encourage the participation of practitioners in NAGC and the Special Schools & Programs Network, one (1) article will be declared the winning entry and one (1) complimentary early-bird convention registration for the 2009 NAGC Annual Convention in St. Louis, MO will be awarded.  In addition, the winning article, or an abridgement, will be published in the Network newsletter and available to read on the Network's NAGC Web page.

Contact Information
Please contact Gina Lewis at with any questions on the information below.

Submission Deadline
All submissions must be postmarked or e-mailed by May 31st, 2009. Please send your materials to:

Gina Lewis
10842 E 115 Place
Bixby, OK  74008

Subject for the article must be based on one of the following:

  1. "Does a counseling professional work with your special school or program and what is his/her role?"
  2. "What are your funding success stories?"
  3. "What is/are the greatest challenge/s that have faced your special school or program and how do you overcome it/them?"
  4. "What lessons from a special school or program have you taken back to "regular" school and vice versa?"
  5. "What are best practices in working with parents in a special school or program setting?"

The articles considered for the special schools or programs article competition may be from authors who are entirely independent, or they may be affiliated with public school systems, with private or parochial schools, or with public or private post-secondary institutions.

Articles may be of any length, but because of space limitations, longer articles may be abridged for publication in the newsletter.

Articles must follow the conventions of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 5th edition.

Criteria for Selection

  • The winning article will be selected by a subcommittee of the division.
  • Articles with multiple authors will be accepted. If the winning article has multiple authors, the amount paid for each author will be equal to a single convention fee divided by the number of authors.
  • Articles must be received by May 31, 2009 for consideration.
  • All authors must be members of the Special Schools and Programs Network of NAGC.

Award Distribution

The convention fee for the winning author(s) will be paid directly to NAGC, not to the author(s).  If the winning article has multiple authors, the amount paid for each author towards Convention registration and will be equal to a single convention fee divided by the number of authors.