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Gifted Child Quarterly
Paper of the Year Recipients

The GCQ Paper of the Year Award is given to the author(s) of the paper published in Gifted Child Quarterly in the volume year immediately prior to the Award, which, in the opinions of the Editor and members of the Publications Committee, best exemplifies high standards of scholarship in research, theory, and/or practice in gifted education.  Click here for the criteria by which the paper of the year is evaluated.

GCQ Paper of the Year
Jill L. Adelson, D. Betsy McCoach, M. Katherine Gavin
"Examining the Effects of Gifted Programming in Mathematics and Reading Using the ECLS-K"
Volume 56, Issue 1

GCQ Paper of the Year
Sidney Moon, Saiying Steenbergen-Hu
"The Effects of Acceleration on High-Ability Learners: A Meta-Analysis"
Volume 55, Issue 1

GCQ Paper of the Year
Seon-Young Lee,
 Paula Olszewski-Kubilius, George Peternel, Northwestern University
"The Efficacy of Academic Acceleration for Gifted Minority Students"
Volume 54, Issue 3

GCQ Paper of the Decade
With a focus on underserved populations at the 2010 annual convention, NAGC wanted to recognize contributions to the research in this area with a special award. The GCQ Paper of the Decade represents the most significant contribution, over the last 10 years, to the research literature on underserved populations.
David F. Lohman, University of Iowa
"The Role of Nonverbal Ability Tests in Identifying Academically Gifted Students: An Aptitude Perspective"
Volume 49, Issue 2

M. Katherine Gavin, Tutita M. Casa, Jill L. Adelson, University of Connecticut; Susan Rovezzi Carroll, Words & Numbers Research, Inc.; Linda Jensen Sheffield, Northern Kentucky University
“The Impact of Advanced Curriculum on the Achievement of Mathematically Promising Elementary Students” 
Volume 53, Issue 3

David F. Lohman, University of Iowa; Katrina A. Korb, University of Jos; Joni M. Lakin, University of Iowa
"Identifying Academically Gifted English-Language Learners Using Nonverbal Tests: A Comparison of the Raven, NNAT, and CogAT"
Volume 52, Issue 4

Hillary Hettinger Steiner, University of Georgia
"A Microgenetic Analysis of Strategic Variability in Gifted and Average-Ability Children"
Volume 50, Issue 1

David F. Lohman, University of Iowa
"The Role of Nonverbal Ability Tests in Identifying Academically Gifted Students: An Aptitude Perspective"
Volume 49, Issue 2

Kristie Speirs Neumeister, Ball State University
"Understanding the Relationship Between Perfectionism and Achievement Motivation in Gifted College Students"
Volume 48, Issue 3

Rhona Stainthorp, University of London, London, England; Diana Hughes, Bedford New College, Egham, England
"An Illustrative Case Study of Precocious Reading Ability"
Volume 48, Issue 2

Tracy L. Cross, Ball State University; Karyn Gust-Brey, and P. Bonny Ball
"A Psychological Autopsy of the Suicide of an Academically Gifted Student: Researchers' and Parents' Perspectives"
Volume 46, Issue 4

Sidney Moon, Purdue University; Ann Robinson, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
"A National Study of Local and State Advocacy in Gifted Education"
Volume 47, Issue 1

Nancy L. Robinson, University of Washington; Robin Gaines Lanzi; Richard A. Weinberg; Sharon Landesman Ramey; and Craig T. Ramey
"Family Factors Associated With High Academic Competence in Former Head Start Children at Third Grade"
Volume 46, Issue 4