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January 2006

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Beautiful Minds: An innovative math program helps change the face of gifted and talented education
"Friendly fractions" are the day's topic, but Alison Foley's 20 fourth-graders can't dig into that concept until they've tallied and graphed their favorite desserts. Votes for ice cream, brownies, cake, and cookies . . .
NEA Today
January 2006

Pupils get a taste of college science
W&J education majors guide gifted children through monthlong nutrition project
A small vial of pink liquid dangled from a red string hung around the neck of Lauren Waller. . . .
Pittsburgh Post Gazette, PA
January 29, 2006

Smart kids from all over the world head to Reno
At an early age, Misha Raffiee began soaking up knowledge and experiences that set her apart. By the time she was 2, Misha could read and . . .
Reno Gazette-Journal, NV
January 27, 2006

Middle school: A gifted girl's worst nightmare?
Sometimes it's not easy being a girl - and being really smart.  Especially in middle school, when all children, boys and girls, gifted and non-gifted, feel a lot of peer pressure. . . .
The Desert Sun, CA
January 25, 2006

William and Mary Focuses on the Future
As the College welcomes hundreds of gifted and talented middle and high school students to its premises today for the William and Mary Center for Gifted Education’s “Focus on the Future” event . . .
The Dog Street Journal, VA
January 21, 2006

Gifted kids get credits and challenges through NU’s online enrichment courses
Some students at Gibraltar High School in Fish Creek, Wis., dislike teachers they’ve never met.  The students aren’t being unfair, said their guidance counselor, Lynnea Hickey. . . .
The Daily Northwestern, IL
January 19, 2006

More minorities are sought for gifted programs
Khalid Hamza sees answers to math problems in his head. If he’s hungry, the numbers might take the form of cheeseburgers. In science class, the figures become rocks or microscopes. . . .
The Star-Telegram, TX
January 14, 2006

Gifted kids may get more assistance
Parents call for more staff, consistency:
Like many parents, Matt and Lisa Ryan are watching closely as the Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan district works to revamp its Enhanced Learning Program  . . .
Pioneer Press, MN
January 8, 2006

Survey: Seeds of success sown early for academic stars
What makes a student an academic star? Brains alone are not enough. Most top students have somebody — usually many somebodies — providing the guidance and support to help them truly excel. . . .
USA Today
January 5, 2006