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February 2006

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Early 'detection' aids gifted children
Julia Shores' big hazel eyes grew even bigger when her mom took out one of her newest toys -- an electronic globe -- and placed it before Julia in their home.  The kindergartner excitedly hopped in place . . .
The Honolulu Advertiser, HI 
February 22, 2006

Lobbyist for gifted starting young
When it was his turn to speak at the Legislature on Wednesday, Grady Day strolled confidently to the podium to address the committee.Like most of his fellow lobbyists, he was dressed formally, in khaki pants, a navy blazer and a bow tie.Unlike his colleagues, though, he had to stand on a box to reach the microphone. . . .
The Arizona Republic, AZ
February 8, 2006

Family's school fight a boon for all state's gifted children
A Crescent Springs family's fight this school year to have their gifted 5-year-old child's first-grade education fully funded resulted in a victory for the family. . . .
The Enquirer, KY
February, 8, 2006

A Q&A on IQ tests
Many school districts don't immediately buy the latest versions of IQ tests when they're published. That's because they're expensive, the old tests seem to work just fine and their school psychologists are used to administering and scoring the old ones. . .
San Jose Mercury News, CA
February 2, 2006