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Parenting for High Potential - Recent Issues


March 2010

March 2010 Cover 








Special Features:
Twitter and Gifted Education: How Social Networking Can Propel Advocacy and Learning by Deborah Mersino
Legal Rights for Gifted Education by Perry A. Zirkel

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 December 2009

PHP Dec 09 Cover 








Special Features:
Oversensitivities of the Gifted Mind: How to Recognize and Cope With Sensory Defensiveness by Susan Richey
What's New for Your Gifted Child This Year by Ann Robinson

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 September 2009



Special Features:
Staying in Sync:  Tips to Maintain and From Positive Relationships by Katherine B. Brown
Tools of the Trade: Finding Value in Play by Maureen Reed 

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 June 2009

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 March 2009

PHP March 2009 small 

Special Features:
The Mile Marker Series: A Roadmap of Resources from NAGC
 by Dr. Robin Schader
An Interview With . . . Rafe Esquith
 by Nancy Green
Gifted or Highly Gifted? What’s the Difference by Dr. Deborah Ruf 

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December 2008

PHP December 08 cover small

Special Features:
What Parents Need to Know:  Current Research About Gifted and Talented Students by Dr. Sally M. Reis
Dancing Toward District Advocacy by Diana Reeves
Advocating for Our Future by Jane Clarenbach 

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 September 2008 

PHP September 08 Cover 

Special Features:
Engaging Gifted Boys in Reading and Writing by Leighann Pennington
Keeping Their Dreams Alive: What Every Parent Can Do for Gifted Girls by Dr. Joan Franklin Smutny

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June 2008

PHP Sept. 08 Cover 

Special Features:
Perils of Parenting. Top 10 Things Not to Say to Your Gifted Child  by Nancy H. Heilbronner
Soothing Overexcitabilities with Food  by Penelope Heinigk

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