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Mary Frasier Teacher Scholarship Fund

Javits Frasier Scholarship

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Scholar.  Advocate.  Mentor.  Pioneer. 

 Mary Frasier
Dr. Mary Frasier

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We forecast 100% of Mary’s colleagues in the 50 Profiles of Influence will donate to the memory of their beloved friend and colleague. 

Anecdotally referred to as “the Frasier 49” they represent the coalesced leadership.  More than half have already contributed. 

Many others have joined. 
See the list  below.

Loving wife, devoted mother – friend and inspiration to so many

When Mary passed away last February, she left her colleagues in the field of gifted education yearning to commemorate her lifelong work.  As a legendary leader who brought to light the academic power and promise of African American and other underrepresented groups in education, Mary brought about a profound change in the way people think about gifted children.

To celebrate her life and continue her work, NAGC announces the Mary Frasier Teacher Scholarship Fund for Diverse Talent Development, which will provide scholarships for teachers from Title 1 schools to attend the NAGC Annual Convention and provide support for continued professional growth.


the Application deadline for the Mary Frasier Teacher Scholarship for Diverse Talent Development has passed and new applications are no longer being accepted.

the Mary Frasier Teacher Scholarship Fund
for Diverse Talent Development

Recognizing that gifted students from diverse backgrounds are often served by teachers without training to meet their needs, NAGC will offer scholarships to teachers from Title I schools to attend the NAGC Annual Convention and provide support for continued professional growth.

 Each scholarship will provide:
  • Full registration to NAGC 2006 in Charlotte, N.C. - November 1-5, 2006

  • Travel stipend of $500 to cover air/hotel

  • Two years comprehensive membership in NAGC
 Convention Class

NAGC leaders will participate in a kickoff orientation including Mary Frasier’s research-based strategies and methods to increase student diversity and an overview of the convention program offerings.  Thereafter, the scholarship recipients will attend any of the 300+ concurrent sessions – many concerned with supporting the needs and interests of learners from special populations.

How can you help?

          With Special Thanks to our Donors to Date:

"Frasier 49"


Frasier Friend

   Frasier Supporters   

23 of the 35 Profiles of Influence

Frasier Fellows
Funding a full scholarship ($900)

($199 - $899)

($25 - $199)

Alexinia Baldwin
George Betts
Nicholas Colangelo
Carolyn Cooper
Tracy Cross
James Gallagher
Donna Ford
Sandra Kaplan
Frances A. Karnes
Sidney Moon
F. Richard Olenchak
Sally M. Reis
Joseph S. Renzulli
Sylvia Rimm
Julia L. Roberts
Nancy Robinson
Karen Rogers
Linda Kreger Silverman
Dorothy Sisk
Joan Smutny
Carol Tomlinson
Donald J. Treffinger
Joyce Van Tassel-Baska
James Webb

The College Board (5)
Janice and Bob  Davidson (4)
GA Association for Gifted Children
Scott and Rebecca Hunsaker
Betsy McCoach
Brent A Mundt
National Council of State Directors
of Programs for the Gifted
Del Siegle


Central Cities Gifted Children's Assn.
Pamela Clinkenbeard
Mary Ruth Coleman
Bonnie Cramond
Mr. and Mrs. Tarek Grantham
Felice Kaufmann
Jann Leppien
Diane Mungle
Ann Robinson

Cheryll Adams
Ginny Burney
Barbara Clark
Lawrence Coleman
Sally M. Dobyns
Julie Dingle Swanson
Thomas Hebert
S. Frances Hensley
Janice D. James
Ric Ladt
Michael Lyons
Barbara McGonagill
Jeanne Purcell
Judy Roseberry
Mary Grace Stewart


Click here and donate today.   All donors will be recognized during the convention.

Any amount is appreciated, but please note: a full scholarship costs $900.  Those who donate at this level will be included in a special reception recognizing the Mary Frasier Scholars in Charlotte.  

Imagine the positive ripple effect when teachers return to their schools armed with the strategies and tools inspired by Mary Frasier.  

 Joe Renzulli

“As Mary’s academic advisor, mentor, and lifelong friend, I cannot think of a better way to celebrate her life and work than by contributing to these scholarships.  Teachers will be trained in the precise Title 1 classrooms where her work can and should take root...I am honored to be among the first to contribute.”

- Joseph S. Renzulli, Director of The National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented

“I cannot think of a better way to honor “the mother of multiple criteria” and pioneer of efforts to desegregate gifted programs.  Mary’s lifelong commitment to these goals will now reach into districts across the country...I am anxious to visit with these teachers from underserved classrooms at our convention in November -- I plan to provide them with a full briefing on just what Mary meant to our field.”

- Donna Y. Ford, Vanderbilt University

 Donna Ford


 Sally Krisel 2

"Georgia should be on all of our minds today as we launch this most fitting tribute to our beloved Mary Frasier.  While Georgia is where she rooted her studies, Mary's influence was felt across the country and indeed around the world.  She was a giant in our field and a true friend to children and teachers everywhere.  It is thrilling to see how her legacy can now be spread across the country systematically due to the commitment and generosity of her colleagues and friends.  We applaud and support these efforts!"

- Sally Krisel, Georgia Department of Education




"There is no one more deserving of this tribute than Dr. Mary M. Frasier. I consider her to be a pioneer and 'waymaker' in a field of education where intelligence, creativity, and fearlessness often go unrecognized.  These are qualities that remain under-developed among many African Americans and females;  like them, Dr. Frasier weathered and defied social structures and policies that created barriers for herself and other under-represented groups in gifted and advanced levels of education. Her legacy involves helping others to rise above adversity and to advance in the struggle for equity and excellence in gifted programs. She made an impact that must be honored. . . . "

- Tarek C. Grantham, University of Georgia

Tarek Grantham 1 

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