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Division Financial Guidelines

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Division Financial Guidelines


  • Division Chairs should register for the NAGC Annual Convention in Minneapolis, MN online or via regular mail by the early bird deadline of SEPTEMBER 15.
  • Chairs must pay registration costs at the time of registration - NAGC cannot "waive" or "comp" your registration fee.
  • Chairs that submit their completed Annual Reports and 3-year reports (if required) by SEPTEMBER 15 will be reimbursed for their convention registration from the Division Secretary budget.  Registration for Chairs not submitting their reports by that date will be reimbursed from their own division's budget.


It is the policy that service to NAGC by its members is voluntary and no compensation is made for time spent on NAGC activities.

Convention Special Requests

All requests must go through, and be signed by, the Division Chair before being sent to Karol Scher at NAGC. Once received by NAGC, please allow up to five business days to receive a reply.


  • Small giveaway items, flyers, etc: Complete the Division Special Request Form  for membership promotion items and fax or e-mail to Karol Scher by September 1. Must be approved by the national office before you can proceed. Once your request is approved it is the responsibility of the Division to order and take receipt of the promotional items.
  • You must obtain three (3) competitive bids and include those with your request.

  • Meeting rooms, food, AV, etc: Complete the Division Special Request Form  for any non-standard arrangements you'd like during annual convention and fax to Karol Scher by September 1. After approval by the national office, NAGC's meeting planner will make your arrangements and communicate the details with you.


The complete NAGC Policy on Travel and Business Expenses can be read here.  Division Chairs must acknowledge acceptance of this policy by signing and returning a copy to the NAGC national office, which will be kept on file for the duration of his or her term.

Convention Detail

  • Division Chairs must register for the annual convention as paying members.
  • Division Chairs must obtain their own hotel using NAGC's convention housing bureau.
  • Travel vouchers to claim expenses must be submitted to the NAGC national office within 30 days of convention.
  • Division Chairs may not be reimbursed for more than $500.
  • All convention expenses for Division Chairs will be reimbursed after convention.
  • NAGC does not pay honoraria to speakers or writers.
  • NAGC does not reimburse for the purchase of alcohol.
  • Contests, awards, and/or grants must be reviewed by the national office and the Divisions Secretary before being announced. All criteria for judging must be on file with the National Office. The award, if more than a citation, must be kept consistent with other NAGC activities. Cash awards must be appropriate to the division budget.
  • Divisions should avoid the appearance of impropriety by not awarding scholarships or cash prizes to current officers. NAGC generally discourages cash awards, which could be considered excessive as related to the Division's budget.
  • Gifts of appreciation for past chairs or speakers should be tokens of appreciation and therefore should be valued accordingly.  An appropriate gift may be a book, tape, or video (that NAGC promotes), a certificate, or small plaque.

March Leadership Retreat Detail

  • Meeting costs are paid for by division budgets and are split among all 14 divisions.
  • Travel vouchers to claim expenses must be submitted to the NAGC national office within 30 days of the meeting date.
  • All expenses for Division Chairs will be reimbursed after the leadership retreat.
  • NAGC does not reimburse for the purchase of alcohol.
  • Division Chair (or other attendee) will be reimbursed for travel, hotel, and meals (up to per diem) not provided by NAGC.
  • Extra hotel nights beyond those required for division business (another meeting, etc.) must be approved by the NAGC national office if the attendee expects to be reimbursed.