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2012-13 StateoftheNation

What's the best investment that we as a society can make? 

Many agree the education of our children is vital to our future.  But, one size does not fit all.  And, with an estimated three million academically gifted and talented students in classrooms today, data collected from the 2012-2013 State of the States  report clearly surfaces the lack of a coherent national strategy to "light the fire" for the next generation of scientists, mathematicians, peacemakers, artists, and engineers.

NAGC and the Council of State Directors of Programs for the Gifted present the only national report on gifted education in the U.S. -- a biannual snapshot of how states regulate and support programs and services for gifted students.  Click here for the State of the Nation  (pdf), a summary of state policies and practices in gifted education. 

For a snapshot of the data, state-by-state, visit the state map of education data and policies.

For more detailed state-by-state information, the full 2012-2013 State of the States report is available on flashdrive through the NAGC bookstore.  It is an excellent resource for gifted education advocates working to affect positive public policy change.

Advocates may also benefit from the suggestions and materials provided in
 The Big Picture , which is part of our Advocacy Toolkit .

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