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Professional Achievement Certificate:
Mentor Information

What is the Professional Achievement Certificate program?

The NAGC Professional Achievement Certificate Program is an individualized, mentored professional growth experience designed to increase expertise and leadership potential within the organization. PAC Participants are paired with an NAGC mentor who is a nationally recognized leader in the field of gifted and talented education. Together you will pursue a program of advanced learning. As a mentor, you will coordinate an individually tailored two-year program of professional growth filled with learning experiences based on mutually agreed upon goals. The program culminates in a professional portfolio that demonstrates expertise in four areas:  knowledge, reflective understanding, problem solving, and dissemination/service in an area of interest related to gifted and talented education. The program is available to all members of NAGC: parents, counselors, administrators, teachers, and gifted education specialists, and provides a unique collaboration opportunity for everyone involved.

Qualifications of the Mentor

Mentors should demonstrate 1) current knowledge in their area of expertise, (2) active involvement in NAGC divisions, task forces, or other groups, 3) an ability to work collaboratively, 4) dedication and interest in facilitating the professional growth of colleagues in gifted and talented education, and 5) membership in NAGC.

How can you help?

Individuals with expertise in the following areas are in greatest demand: identification, social emotional needs, curriculum differentiation and modification, parenting, creativity, program development, program evaluation, special poulations, early childhood, visual and performing arts, professional development, middle school, secondary education, public policy, technology, and student assessment.

Commitment of the Mentor

Mentors must be willing to engage in a three-year commitment which involves approximately 50 hours of conference time (phone, email, NAGC conference encounter) with their mentees. It is anticipated that most communication will occur via email; however, the mentor must be available to meet with the mentee at two NAGC annual conventions. NAGC will provide a small honorarium for your services as a mentor. In addition, mentors must be willing to share their mentoring experience by helping train future mentors.

Application Procedures

Potential NAGC Professional Achievement Certificate Mentors supply the following information with their application form:

  1. a personal letter addressing experience in gifted education,
  2. a letter of support about mentoring or related experiences written by a former mentee,
  3. a letter of support written by a colleague who attests to the mentor's expertise in the areas of expertise that the mentor has indicated, and
  4. a current curriculum vitae.

Click here to access the mentor application form.

Application and Supporting Documents should be mailed to: 

NAGC - Professional Achievement Certificate
Mentor Application
1707 L Street, N.W. - Suite 550
Washington, DC 20036