An Investment Analyst Looks for a Nonprofit that Reflects his Passions . . . Finds NAGC

When Dan Hung, an investment analyst in New York City, went looking for a nonprofit to lend his support to, his Google searches brought him to NAGC and its Annual Fund. “NAGC was one of the few organizations I found that was working to not only advocate on behalf of gifted learners, but also to provide opportunities for them through parent and educator training.”

Dan had other reasons for giving to NAGC’s Annual Fund. He had watched with frustration as some of New York City’s politicians waged war on the City’s specialized high schools. Shares Dan: “It reminded me of how often my own public schools did not support the development of gifted students.” As a young student, he had tried to find new learning opportunities that were challenging and engaging, but there was a dearth of advanced placement courses offered at his schools and limited guidance for his parents on how to meet his educational needs.

Deeply concerned about how the United States has cut spending on basic research and education, Dan was prompted to focus his personal giving on domestic education and research focused causes. “I want to do my part to make sure that the United States continues to train and enable thought leaders and innovators who can do so much for the future of our nation and the world at large.” In addition to his donation to NAGC, Dan also volunteers as a mentor to public school students through Go Project.

Does Dan’s story resonate with you?
Give to the Annual Fund and make a difference.

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Honor a Teacher or Mentor

"My son had an AMAZING year

. . . I have no doubt that his successes came from the joint efforts of his gifted specialist and his Math/Science teacher who provided him endless support, love and encouragement.”—Erin Gribben, parent

Donate in honor of a teacher who made a difference for your child.