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NAGC Board of Directors

The NAGC Board of Directors, comprised of 13 elected members, leads decision making about the future of NAGC, member services, and resource allocation in concert with the national office staff and organization committees.  To learn more about the roles and responsibilities of members of the Board, visit <link to the Board of Directors page>.

Elected by NAGC Individual and Lifetime Members, NAGC Board members are the stewards of the association and are responsible for reflecting the views and interests of all of our members. The Board is responsible for the fiscal health of the organization and provides leadership, a shared vision, and sense of mission.

Nominations are closed for the 2014 elections

In accordance with NAGC nomination and election procedures, NAGC voting members in good standing are invited to submit their applications for:

  • At-Large Member (2 positions Available): Three-Year Term
  • Governance Secretary: Two-Year Term (Officer Position*)
  • Network Representative:  Three-Year Term
  • School/District Representative:  Three-Year Term
  • Treasurer:  Two-Year Term (Officer Position*)

*Officer positions require prior NAGC Board of Directors service within the past 10 years

Please click on the above link for more specific detail about the position available. 
​<Links to responsibilities/position description>

How to apply (application checklist): Download your application for the Board of Directors. <application pdf>

Important note: Board members are expected to attend all three (3) Board meetings: one in the Fall; the second meeting in conjunction with Convention; and a third meeting in the Spring in Washington, DC. Carefully think about your commitment before you apply. Your participation is essential!

All nomination materials must be emailed or postmarked by the deadline to be considered by the Elections Committee. Late applications will not be accepted/reviewed.

NAGC Regulations (Approved in February, 2007, this language covers sixteen articles describing the broad tenets of NAGC's governance structure, as determined by Ohio law and best practice in nonprofit management.) 


  • Past Presidents may not run for the Board again at the conclusion of their term of office.
  • Board Members are limited to two (2) terms which may be served consecutively.
  • Officer positions require prior NAGC Board of Directors service within the past 10 years.
  • Board Members may not serve simultaneously on organizational committees; if elected, you will be asked to resign from any organizational committees to which you belong.

Timeline for 2014 Board Elections

Friday, January 17 Board Nomination Open
Monday, April 7 Application postmark deadline
Mid-May Ballot of candidates approved
Mid-June E-ballot voting opens
Mid-July Voting concludes at midnight
Monday, September 1 All terms begin
September 2014 Board retreat
Wed., November 12 Board Meeting (Baltimore) during annual conference
March 2015 Board meeting in conjunction with State Affiliate Conference


NAGC Network Elections

Elections for Network Chairs follows a similar timeline, as the members of the Network vote in Jule/July. Please visit the NAGC Networks page for more details.