NAGC Committees

NAGC volunteer leaders accomplish important work on behalf of NAGC and its members in many content areas. As a committee member, you will devote time, energy, and ideas to lead NAGC projects and programs forward, and in turn, lead the field in supporting wide-ranging efforts on behalf of gifted children. Terms are typically three years unless otherwise noted.  NAGC’s Board of Directors is committed to creating an open environment that provides increased opportunities for participation. With that in mind, we seek to conduct an open call for interested and qualified individuals each June to contribute to the future growth and success of NAGC. Take this opportunity to share your expertise and experience!

How to Apply for a Committee

  • In late spring, the NAGC Board of Directors issues an open call for interested and qualified individuals.
  • The online “application to serve” gathers information about your interests, involvement, and experience in gifted education.
  • Committee appointments are made in late August, after review by the Leadership Development Committee and Board approval.
  • Terms of service run three years unless otherwise specified.

Committees and their members can be found below.

Awards Committee

Reviews annual nominations, evaluates them according to approved criteria, and selects award recipients.

Committee Chair: Elizabeth Shaunessy-Dedrick
NAGC Staff Liaison: Carolyn Kaye
Development and Fundraising Committee

Works to build the case for financial support to advance NAGC’s initiatives, including the Javits-Frasier Teacher Scholarships and the Expert Speakers Program.

Committee Chair: Laurie Kirsch
NAGC Staff Liaison: Cathleen Healy
Diversity/Equity Committee

Works to raise awareness of the presence of giftedness in diverse, underserved populations.

Committee Chair: Alena Treat
NAGC Staff Liaisons: Jeff Danielian
Education Committee

Defines, creates, and monitors NAGC’s educational outreach and professional development opportunities.

Committee Chair: Lynette Breedlove
NAGC Staff Liaison: Robin Feldman
Leadership Development Committee

Identifies, recruits, and develops leaders for all aspects of the organization.

Committee Chair: Richard Cash
NAGC Staff Liaison: René Islas
Legislative and Advocacy Committee

Serves as the association’s link with federal legislators, policy makers, and governmental agencies.

Committee Chair: Maureen A. Marron
NAGC Staff Liaison: Jane Clarenbach
Parent Editorial and Content Advisory Board

Seeks to establish a broader awareness of the needs of gifted children through a renewable cycle of outreach to parents and families, and works closely with the PHP Editor and National Office to ensure the timely production of a high-quality publication relevant to the needs of parents, grandparents, and other caregivers of high potential learners.

Committee Chair: Janette Boazman
NAGC Staff Liaison:  Kathleen Nilles
Professional Standards Committee

Develops expertise in the NAGC-CEC teacher preparation standards, the Pre-K-12 programming standards, and assists the NAGC National Office in handling inquiries from states and universities generated through the NCATE accreditation process.

Committee Chair: Cheryll Adams
NAGC Staff Liaison: Jane Clarenbach
Publications Committee

Oversees the NAGC publications process to ensure new titles are identified, including practitioner publications that have quality and relevance.

Committee Chair and Association Editor: Jennifer Jolly
NAGC Staff Liaison: Jane Clarenbach
Teaching for High Potential (THP) Editorial Advisory Board

Works closely with the THP Editor and National Office to ensure the timely production of a high-quality, research based publication relevant to the needs of classroom teachers, resource specialists, and coordinators.

Committee Chair: Elizabeth Fogarty
NAGC Staff Liaison: Jeff Danielian