The Gifted Legacy Society for Planned Giving

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An enduring way to demonstrate what you value most 

Those who support NAGC through estate planning or life income vehicles are invited to join the Gifted Legacy Society for Planned Giving. As a member of the Society, you enjoy a close relationship with NAGC and will be recognized in various ways throughout the year.

While more than 80% of Americans contribute to nonprofit groups in their lifetimes, only a small percentage of them choose to continue their support through a charitable bequest. But a bequest or other “planned gift” is the best way to ensure that NAGC continues to make an important difference in the lives of our gifted and talented children.

A bequest is a thoughtful and enduring way for you to show others what you value most. It ensures the continued effectiveness of NAGC and it helps to secure its future for years to come.

Membership in NAGC’s planned giving program involves no dues, obligations or solicitations. We will simply recognize and honor your generous gift and the lasting contribution it will make to NAGC’s long-term success.

sidney moon.jpg“Through an annual conference, publications, research grants, and professional development programs, NAGC makes a difference in the trajectories of young, high-potential lives. I want to support the NAGC mission through the Gifted Legacy Society.”
Sidney Moon, Associate Dean, College of Education, Purdue University


How it Works

  • Anyone who has notified NAGC of his or her intent to include the organization as a beneficiary in an estate plan is eligible for membership. 
  • No dues, obligations, or solicitations are involved in membership, but it does allow us to thank you and recognize you for the plans you have made. Others will be encouraged by your example.
  • Members are recognized throughout the year on the NAGC web site, in the Annual Report, and at NAGC’s Annual Convention, and they enjoy the satisfaction derived from making a lasting contribution to NAGC’s future.
  • Anyone who confirms membership in the Gifted Legacy Society by December 31, 2014 will be recognized as part of the Founder’s Circle.

You may designate your bequest to NAGC to be used for any purpose (an "unrestricted bequest"). Those funds will be applied to the greatest needs at the time your bequest is realized. If you would like to join others who have provided for NAGC in this special way, please calling the Development Department at 202-785-4268. As a next step we will contact you personally and provide you with an intent form.

suntrust.jpgNAGC uses SunTrust for many of its financial needs, and we are aware that they offer a number of planned giving tools. Learn more about SunTrust’s estate planning resources or consult with your own financial institution to see what is available.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact us at: 202-785-4268.