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The Research & Evaluation Network's primary mission is to ensure a spirit of inquiry among NAGC members by informing the membership about research needs and methodologies and by encouraging and supporting them in their research efforts. Further, the mission is to develop and promote forums for coordinating research and disseminating it to educators and policy-makers that can make the important difference for all gifted children. Specifically, the Network undertakes activities that will:

  • determine and encourage needed research, methodology, and program evaluation on key topics;
  • determine and encourage presentation of relevant research topics and evaluation and methods in gifted education;
  • determine resources to support research and evaluation in gifted education;
  • establish networks with other relevant professional organizations and NAGC Networks;
  • encourage the use of ethical standards for conducting and reporting research and evaluation in gifted education; and
  • develop guidelines for graduate training that specify research and evaluation skills.


Megan Foley-Nicpon, Chair

Hope (Bess) Wilson, Communications Chair

Matthew Makel, Chair-Elect

Cindy Gilson, Awards Co-Chair

Hope Bess Wilson, Secretary

Kate Snyder, Awards Co-Chair
Karen Rambo-Hernandez,  Program Chair Nielsen Pereira, Treasurer
Ann Rinn, Assistant Program Chair D. Besty McCoach, Past Chair


Research & Evaluation Committees

If you interested in serving on one of the following committees, please contact the chair. 
Communications Committee: Hope (Bess) Wilson, Chair
Grad Student Committee: Cindy Massicotte, Chair 
Membership Committee: Joanne Funk, Chair
Program Committee: Karen Rambo-Hernandez, Chair
Publications Committee: Bronwyn MacFarlane, Chair
Strategic Initiatives:  Nielsen Pereira, Chair
Ad Hoc Mid-Career & Beyond: Tonya Moon, Chair 

2015 Research and Evaluation Dissertation Award Competition

Call for Submissions

The NAGC Research and Evaluation Network hosts an annual Dissertation Award competition. The winner of the award receives a plaque, a special session to present their dissertation research at the NAGC, and early-bird conference registration for the 2015 NAGC Convention (Phoenix, AZ). The Dissertation Award is designed to recognize high-quality dissertations relevant in gifted education, creativity, and talent development, support the development of emerging scholars through critical review of and substantive feedback about completed dissertation research, and to provide a forum for the presentation and dissemination of dissertation research conducted by leaders among emerging scholars. All research papers submitted for this award should pertain to a topic regarding the field of gifted education (including creativity and talent development). Qualitative and quantitative research studies are most appropriate. Literature reviews, theoretical pieces, and methodological papers will be considered for review, but will be judged according to the same rubric as qualitative and quantitative studies.

Eligibility requirements for the 2015 Dissertation Award:
- Must be a current member of NAGC R&E Network
- Dissertation defended during 2013 or 2014 calendar years

To apply:
1) Review the Rubric to be used for judging
2) Complete a submission checklist at
3) Follow the instructions on the submission checklist to email your article to Dr. Kate Snyder, R&E Awards Co-Chair (

Application packages (completed submission checklist and emailed article) must be received no later than 11:59pm (EST) on February 15, 2015.

2014 Dissertation Award Winners

1st place: Jaclyn Chancey
Title: Achievement Goal Orientations of Academically Talented College Students: Factors Contributing to Honors Program Participation
Awarding Institution: University of Connecticut

2nd place: Lori Andersen
Title: Are Students Who Have High-Ability In Math More Motivated in Math and Science?
Awarding Institution: The College of William & Mary

3rd place: Selcuk Acar       
Title: Thinking in Multiple Directions: Hyperspace Categories in Divergent Thinking
Awarding Institution: University of Georgia

Graduate Student Research Gala  

The Research Gala provides an opportunity for graduate students to receive valuable feedback on their research, network with experts in the field of gifted education and showcase their research. We are currently accepting submissions for the NAGC Research & Evaluation Network Graduate Student Research Gala, to be held during the 2015 NAGC Convention in Phoenix, AZ (Nov 12-15). The deadline for submissions is July 1, 2015. Although participation in the research gala is not a requirement, it is highly encouraged among participants.

Participants will:

  • Submit a 20-page research paper
  • Create a poster for presentation at the Gala at the NAGC Convention

Winners will be selected for the following categories:

  • Doctoral-level completed research**
  • Doctoral-level in-progress research
  • Non-doctoral level completed research
  • Non-doctoral level in-progress research

**Please note that the Doctoral-level Completed Research category no longer includes completed dissertation research; however, doctoral students may want to consider submitting their completed dissertation research for the Research and Evaluation Network Dissertation Award. You may contact the Graduate Student Research Gala Chair, Cindy Gilson at for further information about the Dissertation Award.

Research papers will be judged by experts in the field of giftedness, creativity, and talent. Winners will be announced at the Gala, and will receive an award certificate and gift card. Gala participants must be a member of the Research & Evaluation Network to participate.  All NAGC members are allowed three free network memberships.  Guidelines/instructions for submitters and criteria for judging are provided here.  All applicants must complete a submission checklist

If you have any questions, please contact the Graduate Student Research Gala Chair, Cindy Gilson, (704) 687-8848. 

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