Global Awareness Annemarie Roeper Award

The Global Awareness Annemarie Roeper Award recognizes an individual, organization or institution whose work aligns with that of Annemarie Roeper by advocating for gifted children to develop a strong sense of self, promoting positive social action and strategies for gifted individuals to understand the perspectives of others, providing opportunities for global interdependence and diversity, facilitating peacemaking, fostering the care of the Earth and addressing the profound insights into the multifaceted inner world of gifted children and the understanding of the need to foster global awareness to reflect the unique perspectives of gifted children and to respond to their inherent concerns about the future world they live in.

Congratulations to the 2016 recipients of the Global Awareness Network Annemarie Roeper Award.

Michael M. Piechowski

The 2016 NAGC Annemarie Roeper Global Awareness Network Award honors Michael M. Piechowski (pictured at left with Annemarie Roeper).  He is a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Educational Advancement and Professor Emeritus, Northland College, Ashland, Wisconsin.  Read More

Future Problem Solving Program International

The 2016 NAGC Annemarie Roeper Global Awareness Award honors the organization, Future Problem Solving Program International (FPS), a dynamic international program involving hundreds of thousands of students annually from around the world. Read More





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Previous Recipients

Individual Recipients

2013 Linda Silverman

2014 Patricia Gatto-Walden

2015 Judy Galbraith

2016 Micheal M. Piechowski

Organizational Recipients

2013 Institute for Educational Advancement Camp Yunasa

2014 Hoagies' Gifted Education Page

2015 The Roeper School

2016 Future Problem Solving Program International (FPSI)