Network Awards

Several Networks have award programs to highlight people and or programs that advance the mission of the Network.  These awards provide an opportunity for the winners to become part of the Network community and for their work to be noticed by colleagues.

E. Paul Torrance Creativity Award awards people or organizations who have expanded knowledge of or opportunities for creativity, especially among gifted children. Members of the Creativity Network select nominees and winners.

Curriculum Award  – the Curriculum Studies Network recognizes high-quality curriculum with appropriate challenge for gifted students.

Early Childhood Convention Grant – the Early Childhood Network seeks article outlines, with the article appearing in the Early Childhood newsletter, from those valued practitioners who have daily contact with young gifted children. The winner receives a grant for 1/2 of NAGC convention registration.

Global Awareness Annemarie Roeper Award – recognizes an individual and group that continues the work of Annemarie Roeper. 

Professional Development Award – The Professional Development Network provides an opportunity for outstanding professional development on gifted education at any level – Prek-12 and higher education.

The Research & Evaluation has two programs

Special Populations Network's Gifted AND_____ Award --recognizes 2 -3 individuals who have contributed to the mission of Special Populations, advanced recognition of the talents and abilities of special populations, and has had an impact among gifted children from special populations.