Expert Speakers Program

For more information or to book a speaker, contact Robin Feldman at

Westport, CT
Connecticut Association for the Gifted
Storrs, CT
International Center for Talent Development
Roseville, MN
Minnesota Department of Education
Chicago, IL
Center for Talent Development, Northwestern University
Minneapolis, MN
nRich Educational Consulting, Inc.
West Palm Beach, FL
Laramie, WY
University of Wyoming
Williamsburg, VA
College of William & Mary
Conway, AR
University of Central Arkansas
Williamsburg, VA
College of William & Mary
Athens, GA
University of Georgia
Richmond, VA
Virginia Union University
Selma, IN
Ball State University
Nashville, TN
Vanderbilt University
West Lafayette, IN
Purdue University
Edina, MN
St. Catherine University
Columbia, SC
University of South Carolina
Greenville, NC
East Carolina University
Waco, TX
Department of Educational Psychology, School of Education, Baylor University
Hattiesburg, MS
University of Southern Mississippi
Tampa, FL
Hillsborough County Public Schools
Gainesville, GA
Hall County Schools
Milford, MA
Framingham Public Schools
Spokane, WA
Whitworth University
Holland, MI
Hope College
Columbus, OH
The Ohio State University
Madison, WI
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
Houston, TX
University of Houston
Evanston, IL
Northwestern University
West Lafayette, IN
Purdue University
Cleveland, OH
Cleveland State University
East Providence, RI
Gordon School
Olney, MD
Johns Hopkins University Graduate School of Education
Sheffield, Ohio
Family Achivement Clinic
Bowling Green, KY
Western Kentucky University
Little Rock, AR
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Minneapolis, MN
University of St. Thomas
Mancos, CO
Mississippi University for Women
Lees Summit, MO
Shawnee Mission School District (KS)
Fort Thomas, KY
Northern Kentucky University
Storrs, CT
University of Connecticut
Richmond, VA
Virginia Commonwealth University
Berkeley, CA
University of California, Berkeley