Advocate for High-Ability Learners

Legislative Action Network

The Legislative Action Network (LAN) is our platform to share best practices and exchange ideas, as we work to support a national (federal, state, local) framework to support all gifted and talented children.

Every Student Succeds Act

Learn more about the opportunties for gifted education in the Elementary and Secondary School Education Act.

Advocate for Your Child

The first experience advocating for a gifted child is usually when parents talk with the teacher about their child's school work.  Read ideas on how to successfully collaborate with teachers.

Advocating for Local Gifted Programs and Services

Parents, teachers, and administrators must share the importance of gifted programs to gain support for continuing or starting a gifted program.

Advocacy Toolkit

Effective advocates are well-prepared. They not only know who to contact, but they also approach each meeting contact with information to support their message, including facts and figures about their state and the nation. Many of them also amplify their message by working with others and with the media to increase their effectiveness. The NAGC Advocacy Toolkit supports individuals and groups working to improve gifted education programs and services. 

Navigate the NAGC website for the information advocates need to build a case to support gifted education.  

Many voices are stronger than one.  Check out five strategies to increase effectiveness as advocates.  

Bringing local media attention to the needs of gifted students can strengthen advocates' messages.  Learn some of the how-to's.

NAGC Advocacy

Find out about NAGC's advocacy priorities and how it works to increase awareness of the needs of high-ability students.  Also check out the federal legislative update.

Working with Elected Officials

Local, State, and Federal decision makers all have a role in supporting gifted education.  Understand the differences, learn more about how to work at each level, and review how best to communicate with elected officials. Also explore how to be effective advocates at the state and federal levels.