Legislative Action Network

The Legislative Action Network (LAN) is our platform to share best practices and exchange ideas, as we work to support a national (federal, state, local) framework to support all gifted and talented children.

NAGC's goal is to grow the list of active advocates who will directly call for improved policy and programs to support gifted children as they reach for their personal best.

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Advocacy Resources

2018 Leadership & Advocacy Conference

Legislative & Advocacy Committee Resoures

Federal Advocacy 101: Getting Started and Opening the First Door

Advocating for Gifted Education in Iowa:  Tips from the Iowa Talented and Gifted Association

Tip Sheet: Building Effective Sustainable State Advocacy

Example of National Advocacy Wallet Card and State Advocacy Wallet Card

Conference Background Materials Supplementary Pre-Conference Speaker Materials

Session: Gifted Education Works – What We Know From Research:

Session: The Art and Science of Engagement:

Session: ESSA State Plans that Support Gifted Education – Policy & Advocacy Lessons Learned and Tips to Maintain & Grow the Momentum:





















2018  Conference Materials

NAGC Advocacy Strategy
Bill Knudsen, NAGC

Building a State & Local Structure to Support Advocacy–Lessons Learned from Education Advocacy in Texas
Sheri Hicks, CAE, Executive Director of the Texas Association for the Gifted & Talented

Gifted Education Works–What We Know from Research
Jonathan Plucker, Ph.D., NAGC President-elect, Julian C. Stanley Endowed Professor of Talent Development at Johns Hopkins University
Del Siegle, Ph.D., Director of the National Center for Research on Gifted Education, University of Connecticut
Jill L. Adelson, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Louisville

The Art and Science of Engagement
Mary Ruth Coleman, Ph.D., University of North Carolina

The Power of Parent Support and Advocacy Groups
Tracy Elford, Past-President, Blue Valley Parent Advocates for Gifted Education

ESSA State Plans that Support Gifted Education – Policy & Advocacy Lessons Learned and Tips to Maintain & Grow the Momentum
Michael Petrilli, President, Fordham Institute

Building a Successful Grassroots Strategy – Lessons Learned from the Afterschool Community
Jennifer Rinehart, Senior Vice-President, Policy and Research, Afterschool Alliance

It’s Still a Baseball Game:  Connecticut & Lessons that Work at the Local, State, Federal, and International level
Bianka Kortlan-Cox, J.D., Vice-President Legislation and Public Policy, Connecticut Association for the Gifted

Training for Hill Visits – What to Anticipate & Role-Playing
The Honorable Karen A. Johnson, Senior Advisor at Potomac Strategic Development Co. and former Assistant Secretary of Education for Legislation and Congressional Affairs