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NAGC Webinars on Wednesday are designed for administrators, classroom teachers, counselors, graduate students, gifted coordinators, parents, and professors. We’re here to help you be more effective and informed in your support of gifted learners, whatever role you play. Participate live and take advantage of the opportunity to pose questions to or share your experiences with presenters and other attendees. Your registration includes access to a multi-media recording, handouts, and other resources.

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Aired September 9

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Parent-to-Teacher Communication/Parent Advocacy

Kevin Besnoy, Assistant Professor, Gifted and Talented Education, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

Successfully advocating for gifted children can be daunting. The current research suggests that the most effective solution is for parents to establish positive home-to-school partnerships. This webinar will focus on the first steps that parents need to take when trying to establish collaborative partnerships with classroom teachers. Recommendations for how best to make: initial contact with a classroom teacher; prepare for and participate in a parent-teacher conference; and, monitor post-conference progress, will be offered and discussed. Resources will be shared to help you stay on top of your advocacy.  

Aired September 16

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Acceleration:  Making Informed Decisions

Ann Lupkowski Shoplik, Administrator, Acceleration Institute, Belin-Blank Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

Acceleration is the best-researched, yet most under-utilized educational option available for gifted students.  Acceleration comes in at least 20 different forms, including early entrance to kindergarten, curriculum compacting, grade-skipping, Advanced Placement classes, dual enrollment, subject-matter acceleration, and credit by examination.  The goal of this webinar is to provide information about these educational options and offer resources for making well-informed decisions. The great paradox of acceleration has been that the beliefs and practices of educators and the general public do not align with the research evidence.  The presenter will dispel some of the myths about acceleration and summarize the recent research from the 2015 report, A Nation Empowered: Evidence Trumps the Excuses Holding Back America’s Brightest Students.

Aired September 24

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Creative Underachievers and the Fashion of Passion

Sylvia Rimm, Director, Family Achievement Clinic, Cleveland, OH

Educators, parents and even posters everywhere urge people to find their passions.  While adults want to encourage youth to become engaged in learning, creative adolescents often understand passions to mean that learning should always be fun and easy.  Dictionaries define passions as “emotions – not reason.”  Do adults really want young people, especially creative adolescents who are particularly vulnerable, to believe they are entitled to trust only their emotions?  As young people search for their impossible dreams, their high expectations place them at risk for anxiety, depression, and underachievement.  This webinar will offer practical recommendations for guiding young people to temper their passions with reason, and to search for their interests, strengths and identities while achieving to their potential.

Aired September 30

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Scientifically Speaking: Best Practices For Science Education with High-Ability Children

Steve Coxon, Associate Professor and Director of Programs in Gifted Education, Maryville University, St. Louis, MO

Memorizing facts and conducting canned experiments will help students become technicians, not scientists. Science education in the 21st century must take a fundamentally different approach by integrating all aspects of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in real world problem solving. Project- and problem-based learning are not new concepts, but can parallel classroom activities with the work of professional scientists who must now integrate multiple aspects of STEM. In particular, emerging materials such as robotics sets can help teachers develop the talents of their future scientists by meeting all of the aspects of STEM with real world challenges in science.

Aired October 7

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Friendship, Character, Spirituality, and Integrity: Paths to Overall Wellbeing

Janette Boazman, Chair, Education Department, Assistant Professor of Education, University of Dallas, Irving, TX

We all want gifted children to thrive across the lifespan. There are a number of examples of gifted business people, politicians, healthcare professionals, athletes, lawyers, musicians, artists, etc. who fully develop their gifts into talents but moved away from thriving in their life because of a lack of good character and integrity. Framed by Sayler’s Model of Gifted and Thriving, this webinar is designed to help parents and educators examine constructs that contribute to personal wellbeing and move the gifted individual away from wasting and toward thriving.  

Aired October 14

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How to Start Homeschooling Your Gifted Child

Suki Wessling, Writer, San Francisco, CA

With the explosive growth in homeschooling over the last few years, many parents of gifted children are grappling with whether or not to embark on this journey. This webinar will focus on the first steps toward homeschooling—from how to leave school to how to choose a homeschooling method—and help parents weigh the social, financial, academic, and personal considerations when making an informed decision. Suggested resources to support early homeschooling decisions will be shared so that families can review the basics and understand their options. The webinar is inspired by Suki Wessling’s NAGC Select e-book Exploring Homeschooling for Your Gifted Learner.



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