How often have you heard, “Gifted students will do fine on their own?” This is just one of the many myths that become barriers to properly educating millions of high-potential students. The following is a list of the most prevalent myths in gifted education, accompanied by evidence rebutting each of them.
A guest blog post by Michael J. Petrilli, President of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute
by M. René Islas, Executive Director, and Keri Guilbault, NAGC Board Member & Assistant Professor, Notre Dame of Maryland University
The goal of gifted programs should reflect that of any other educational program: to engage students with appropriately challenging curricula and instruction on a daily basis and in all relevant content areas so that they can make continual academic growth.
In this month’s Teacher’s Corner, a look at using The Wonder Years television show as a basis for social and emotional small group discussions.