THE HIGH FLYER post is by M. René Islas, NAGC executive director, and Marc Webb, director of the feature film, Gifted. Click here to listen to an interview Islas and Webb did with Larry Jacobs, Education Talk Radio.
There is no such thing as a typical “day in the life” for an educator of gifted and talented students. 
From artists to astronauts, summer camp has inspired many.
The Center for Gifted Studies & Talent Development at Ball State University sponsors the NAGC Administrator Award.
THE HIGH FLYER post is by Josh Dwyer, Policy Director for the Untapped Potential Project, and Carolyn E. Welch, J.D., an education attorney, Officer and Trustee of the Midwest Center for the Gifted, Board member of pilotED schools, and a member of the Parent Editorial Content Advisory Board of the National Association for Gifted Children and the State Initiatives Committee of the Illinois Association for Gifted Children.