A recent New York Times analysis suggests that a generation of policies meant to bring racial proportionality to our selective colleges has failed. For many, however, the K–12 system is where trouble begins.
THE HIGH FLYER post by Kevin Besnoy, Director of ACCESS Virtual Learning and Associate Director K - 12 Programs, College of Continuing Studies at The University of Alabama, first appeared in Teaching for High Potential.
As the ink dries on the recently enacted gifted education law, Public Law 17-82, Connecticut has the opportunity to lead the nation in empowering local school administrators and teachers in how to best serve our gifted and talented students.
With the first days of school just weeks away, even the most seasoned educator feels a variety of emotions. 
This post by April Keck DeGennaro, a Gifted Enrichment Teacher in Fayetteville, GA, looks at creating flexible learning spaces.