The HIGH FLYER post by Brandon L. Wright, Editorial Director of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, looks at ESSA’s promising long-term effect on the education of high-achieving students.
This post by Jim Delisle, Distinguished Professor of Education (Retired), Kent State University, first appeared in Teaching for High Potential (November 2017).
A look back at the NAGC 64th Annual Convention (NAGC17) that got off to a roaring start with a student event at the NASCAR Hall of Fame and crossed the finish line with legends in the field of gifted education.
Alex started the first gifted program in the nation for African American students in the then-segregated schools in Alabama. Her experience in this ground breaking program was the basis of her research and the development of the Baldwin Identification Matrix.  
“Gifted education is so much more than providing strong resources in order to challenge today’s high-ability learners,” said Chad Chandlee, president of Kendall Hunt Publishing Company.