Joy Lawson Davis

Virginia Union University

Dr. Davis  is a career educator with over 30 years of experience as a practitioner, scholar, author and consultant. In addition to local district and university experiences, Davis served for five years as the Virginia State Specialist for K-12 Gifted services.  A graduate of the College of William & Mary Dr. Davis holds both master’s and doctorate degrees in Gifted Education. Davis has conducted workshops, been a long-term program consultant, and served as a keynote speaker and distinguished guest lecturer across the nation, in South Africa and the Caribbean. Diversity Education and Gifted Education are her areas of special expertise. As a highly sought after speaker and vocal advocate  for increasing access and equity in gifted education, Davis is often called upon by other scholars, parent advocacy groups and other organizations to share and provide feedback when related matters come to the attention of the general public through mass media.  Dr. Davis has published numerous articles, technical reports and book chapters. Dr. Davis’ award-winning book, Bright,Talented & Black: a Guide for families of African American gifted learners is the first of its kind on the market to specifically address the advocacy needs of Black families raising gifted students. Davis is currently the Special Populations columnist for the NAGC publication: Teaching for High Potential and serves on the Gifted Child Today advisory board. Dr. Davis served a two year term as chair of the NAGC’s Diversity & Equity Committee and is an at-large member of the NAGC Board of Directors.

Speaker Topics:

  • Importance of Family Involvement in the lives of Culturally Diverse Gifted students
  • Keys to Enhancing Service Delivery for Diverse Populations of Gifted Students
  • Using A Diversity Framework to design & deliver curriculum for high ability gifted students
  • Culturally Responsive Instruction for Diverse Gifted Learners
  • Bringing out the Best in Culturally Diverse Students: focus on intellectual & affective needs
  • Unique Challenges of being  Bright, Talented & Black (for educators or families)
  • Partnering with families of Culturally Diverse Gifted Students in the 21st Century
  • Teaching in a Diverse Society: A comprehensive multicultural education course or seminar series
  • Developing Challenging Curriculum for Gifted Learners, K-12
  • Gifted Education through a Social Justice Lens
  • ‘A place at the table’ for ALL Families of Gifted Learners
  • Culturally Diverse Gifted Learners: Coming out from Under
  • Three Rs Revisited: Rigor, Relevancy, & Relationships: Intellectually challenging instruction & support experiences for culturally diverse gifted learners
  • Parenting the Gifted: Striking a Balance between intellectual and affective needs
  • Tiered Family Engagement: Meeting families of Gifted Students where they are