Jeff Danielian

Teacher Resource Specialist and Editor, Teaching for High Potential

Jeff Danielian received his Masters degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Connecticut and works from his Rhode Island home base on many exciting projects, both web and print based. He works with members to ensure that they have access to, and an understanding of, the resources available to them. He is the editor-in-chief of Teaching for High Potential, co-author of Connecting for High Potential and writes the monthly column, The Teacher's Corner. Jeff also manages and coordinates the Javits-Frasier Teacher Scholarship. 

Jeff is also the author of Enriching the Young Naturalist, a curriculum guide for science teachers, and The Best Young Adult Books Contest, both from Prufrock Press. He presents at local, national, and international conferences on many topics including the affective needs of gifted and talented students, creativity and eminence, and the school/home connection.  ​