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Welcome To The

2013-2014 School Year!

The beginning of the school year generates differing emotions, ideas, and challenges whether you are a parent, administrator, teacher, student, school leader, or advocate. For those involved with high-ability learners, the new year often presents the opportunity to refresh your knowledge of the needs of advanced students and the various strategies teachers and administrators may use to meet those needs. There are also many new resources for you to explore.

NAGC has a range of information for all interested parties; this “Back to School Toolkit” organizes some of the “Best of the Best” resources, while at the same time re-introducing you to what the NAGC website has to offer. There is truly something for everyone.

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Resources For Everyone  

Everyone involved with gifted and talented students should become familiar with the commonly used terms in the profession in order to improve communications. It is also important to familiarize yourself with the national standards in the field as a way to assess the effectiveness of your school's services and programs for gifted learners. NAGC also has position statements on some of the major issues facing the field. Educating yourself, or refreshing your knowledge, with these important tools is a good start.

For Parents 

Amid the flurry of purchasing school supplies, dealing with mixed emotions, and concerns about your child’s educational needs, dealing with the start of the school year can be quite a challenge, especially if your school is facing budget and program cuts. Just as you prepare for school by collecting markers, folders, and scissors, you should also look to the resources that NAGC has for parents.

For Administrators

The phrase “summer off” doesn’t pertain to administrators.  In anticipation of new and returning teachers, students, and parents, NAGC has developed some resources for school leaders who are presented with many decision-making opportunities. Many returning teachers who attended workshops during the summer months will return motivated and excited to have a conversation with their administrator.

For Teachers

For many teachers, summer is a busy time.  Attending professional development workshops, cleaning out or sprucing up classrooms, and planning for the return to school are some of the many "activities" taken part in. Some will return to similar situations, while others find that budgets have been cut, classes combined, or programs added or eliminated. NAGC has resources to make any and all situations as comfortable as possible for both the new and returning teacher.

For Students

From the moment the school door closes in early summer, students around the country participate in a variety of activities and experiences, often armed with summer assignments. Time spent at camp, training, practice, and reading, among other activities, offer high-ability students the opportunity to pursue areas of interest in depth, sharpen their skills, or explore new territory. It is important to recognize that for some, the first few months of school include an unnecessarily long period of review that results in disinterest and disengagement. For others, the new school year means looking forward to a rigorous and engaging curricula, opportunities to conduct meaningful research, or the chance to work with experts in the student's area of interest. Regardless of the situation, there are resources here for students of all ages.

  • Contests: a list of student competitions, contests, and awards, and talent searches
  • Gifted Children's Bill of Rights: read what one of NAGC's past president believes are important rights for all gifted students

For Advocates

Advocacy is important to the quality of gifted education services and programs. Well-informed advocates at the local, state, and national levels ensure that gifted and talented students receive an education that meets their needs. Whether you are a seasoned advocate or have recently become involved in advocacy, NAGC has a host of information to help you develop your skills and stay up to date.

  • NAGC urges support of the House ESEA bill that will allow funding to train teachers to work with high-ability students, and the TALENT Act to systematically ensure that all high-ability students are able to maximize their potential. 
  • Advocacy Toolkit: a comprehensive guide to advocating in support of gifted students
  • Legislative Update: explore a range of legislative issues
  • Legislative Action Network: join now and be part of NAGC's national advocacy agenda
  • Advocacy In the News: stay current on NAGC’s recent efforts and ways you can get involved

We begin the new school year with high hopes of and expectations for challenging and rewarding experiences for all students.  We hope that the NAGC website tools will help make that a reality for gifted students. 

Have a GREAT year!