Goals & Priorities

NAGC makes gifted learners a national priority

Millions of gifted and talented children sit in classrooms across the U.S. today.  The members of NAGC work on behalf of these students.  NAGC invests its resources to train teachers, encourage parents, and educate administrators and policy makers on how to develop and support gifted children.  What’s at stake if high-potential learners are not challenged and encouraged?  

  • Strategic Framework:  Any dynamic organization works within an organized but flexible plan for the future.
  • Leadership Initiatives: At the Board retreat each September, specific objectives for the coming year are established, which reflect the current national education climate and priorities of the Board. 
  • Year in Review: Read about our accomplishments in 2014 and new initiatives that lie ahead. 
  • Board Actions: The NAGC Board of Directors meets three times each year. View a list of recent actions and accomplishments.